Pennsylvania Republican Wants to Impeach Justices Who Threw Out Gerrymandered Map

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It is entirely possible that the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in some of the other gerrymandering cases nationally could create opportunities for the Legislature or other parties to challenge the current plan by the state Supreme Court, Ellis said. That's because the issue is a state issue, particularly a provision in the state constitution that prohibits redistricting during the middle of decade, the lawyers contend.

Two justices, conservatives Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas, would have granted the lawmakers a full stay of their request.

The maps containing the partial changes will be used when candidate filing for all 170 General Assembly seats begins. The ruling should increase pressure on the Legislature to remove itself from all redistricting by turning it over to an independent commission.

The crisis in Pennsylvania-like other ongoing court battles over partisan redistricting, in such places as North Carolina and Wisconsin-points to a broader problem.

The quagmire traces back to last June, when the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania and other individual voters filed a lawsuit challenging Pennsylvania's 2011 district map as a case of unconstitutional Republican gerrymandering. They also argued that some of the districts in urban counties were altered mid-decade when they did not have to be, a violation of the state Constitution. The districts that can't be used are the ones that involve questions of state law.

State Rep. Chris Dush (R) circulated a letter addressed to the state House on Monday saying that the five Pennsylvania Supreme Court justices behind the decision violated the state constitution by usurping authority from the state's constitution. "This decision represents a major victory for all North Carolinians who value fair elections and democratic principles".

"But now we'll finally have districts that do not segregate voters on the basis of race", Riggs added.

Supreme Court to let stand a state court ruling ordering Pennsylvania to draw new congressional districts doesn't have any direct legal impact on Maryland's own contested and convoluted maps.

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And the less said about a Republican House member's preposterous push to impeach the high court's Democratic justices, the better.

But Eagles said there was no evidence presented to her on how that could affect this year's elections.

However, Republican Rep. Jon Hardister is confident that the new lines won't have much of an impact on the election.

Less than 24 hours after the U.S. Supreme Court blocked some of a special master's districts from being implemented, plaintiffs in a similar racial gerrymandering case have asked a state court to get involved. But Democrats are bolstered after successful elections in other states past year.

An attorney for the voters who successfully challenged the map, Dan Jacobson, said the criteria laid out by the court are sufficient.

Currently Republicans dominate the N.C. General Assembly with numbers that allow them to override Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper's vetoes. Overall, the AP analysis found Republicans won as many as 22 additional U.S. House seats over what would have been expected based on the average congressional vote share across the country.

Impeachment in Pennsylvania requires votes by the majority of the House and two-thirds of the Senate.

Because Republicans controlled more state houses at the time of the post-2010 census redistricting, this redistricting has often, but not always, favored Republicans.