Amazon 'aware' of issue causing Echo devices to spontaneously laugh

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According to The Verge, Amazon has acknowledged the problem and is working to fix it. Countless reports have surfaced on social media recently of Alexa randomly laughing for no apparent reason.

Amazon's Alexa apparently thinks something is pretty amusing, but isn't letting anyone in on the joke.

"Ha ha ha", she says, in a voice that sounds like Alexa + four glasses of wine.

In this another step towards our imminent demise? Alexa is reportedly laughing following regular voice commands, and in other cases, does so completely on its own.

It's not the first creepy encounter users have had with Alexa. The device is created to respond to requests and questions from user, and functions as a radio and alarm as well.

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"I was trying to turn off some lights and they kept turning back on".

In recent weeks, Echo owners have reported that their Amazon Echo devices have begun to laugh at random. But it's unlikely that Alexa has become sentient and is intentionally frightening users with the laughs.

"There's a good chance I get murdered tonight".

The Daily Dot reported that it's likely a "rogue third-party app is running in the background and purposely creeping people out" or that it's possible the devices "are infected with malware". As the Reddit user noted, "Turns out "patio off" sounds like "how do you laugh". While that may serve as an explanation for some of the incidents, It seems unlikely that the reports of laughing-all coming within a similar time frame-are all the result of misheard commands.