Elon Musk says SpaceX will make 'short flights' to Mars next year

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"I think we'll be able to do short flights, short up-and-down flights, sometime in the first half of next year", he told screenwriter and director Jonathan Nolan, brother of Christopher, onstage.

Yesterday, SpaceX has published on its official YouTube channel a new video which is dramatically reviewing the history of the Falcon Heavy launch, the most powerful rocket that has ever been launched from Earth, at the moment.

Most of the people had tech-related questions on how the colonies on the red planet will be established.

It was Musk's long-range plan for sending settlers to Mars that took up most of the attention.

Musk announced back in September that by 2022 he wants his privately-funded company to send a cargo mission to Mars, with the intent on finding sources of water and establish the first human settlement on a planet other than Earth. It's prompted the internet to bestow Musk with the nickname "God-Emperor of Mars". He and SpaceX have yet to detail exactly how hypothetical Mars colonists will survive for months or years on end.

"This is a case where you have a very serious danger to the public, therefore there needs to be a public body that has insight and then oversight to confirm that everyone is developing AI safely - this is extremely important", he said. He pointed that the laws must be easy to understand and repeal them to protect freedom of human beings. It leads to a "hardening of the artery of the civilization", he said.

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When someone asked Musk how regular folk can help his mission of getting to Mars, he said right now is all about general support and encouragement.

Mars will need pizza joints, and one day people will drink at a Mars Bar, he said - congratulating himself on the Dad joke. Having settlements on Mars could "shorten the length of the Dark Ages" to come, he said.

When asked about his motivation for entering the space industry, Musk explained that he felt that there was insufficient progress and investment being made to make space travel a reality. (Nothing, except for Tesla.) What is his biggest mistake? Falcon Heavy has launched the Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster and the Starman to their journey in the outer space.

However, Musk admitted that "historically people have told me my timelines have been optimistic".

"I'm trying to "recalibrate" to some degree here".