Far Cry 5's Map Editor Offers More Creative Possibilities Than Ever Before

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All of those three expansions are included in Far Cry 5's Season Pass, which can be purchased with the main game or separately.

"...one is a weird, mind-bending mission in which you must escape some sort of prison or maze, while the other is a stealth-based find-and-kill level that contains a nod to James Bond."
We're going to make sure it's more visible than ever. This gives Ubisoft a way to monetize Far Cry 5 past normal sales. "Climbing up to sniper perches or hiding underwater to surprise enemies was immensely fun, and deadly wolves, bears, and wolverines kept us on our toes by occasionally charging onto the battlefield and attacking the nearest player".

Walk up to an arcade machine in a bar, for example, and you can jump straight into Far Cry Arcade, check out the latest user-created levels (which will be curated by the developers), and start playing. "Last but not least, Dead Living Zombies places you and a co-op teammate at the whim of a B-movie director, who cooks up seven different scenarios that pit you against hordes of undead horrors". The second, Lost on Mars, will see you traveling to the red planet to wield futuristic weaponry in a jetpack-fueled fight against insidious aliens.

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To keep the community engaged, Ubisoft will also host "Live Events" in Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 will be released on PS4, XBox One and PC on Tuesday 27 March, and Far Cry 5: Inside Eden's Gate is available to watch on Amazon Prime right now. PC players will receive full access to Far Cry 3 at a "later date". In addition to the previously announced add-ons that will send players to Mars, Vietnam and a zombie-infested wasteland, Ubisoft is giving them the opportunity to make their own content with the game's ambitious map editor, Far Cry Arcade.