Sam Darnold focused on curtailing turnovers, not reworking throwing motion

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"The number one priority of a quarterback is to protect the football, and I'm aware of that". Others will not care, recognizing quarterbacks are more comfortable at their pro days with their receivers rather than random targets not breaking off routes correctly because of the adrenaline of the moment. "Just being able to talk with him and sit in there and understand that he does some great plays and know while he's at the helm of a team he's going to have great success there, in my opinion". Like on out-cuts when you take a 5-step drop, he should be 7 yards deep in the pocket. He won the Heisman Trophy as a sophomore and then finished second as a junior in a Cardinal offense that utilized its fair share of pro style concepts.

Obviously, a club can't find out much about a player in just 15 minutes, but those "interviews" always seem to be the highlight of the week as some can be very amusing.

There's concern about his accuracy and ability to find the open receiver before the window closes, but when it was time for the quarterbacks to take the stage in Indianapolis, Allen was its lead performer. "That's just the sense that I got from him, and he's just got this demeanor about him that's really cool".

"I'd want to play for [Shurmur] because he just had this kind of silent vibe to him", Allen told the New York Daily News' Pat Leonard. "It drives me insane, I can only imagine what it's like for him", Quessenberry said. However, despite his impressive play, there have been rumblings that Rosen's unique disposition. Height doesn't matter at that point, I think I had less batted balls at the line of scrimmage than the other guys here and I'm pretty sure I'm a shorter guy too, so it doesn't matter. Some guys respond to a kick in the butt a little better.

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Google "Does Josh Rosen love football?" and you'll get dozens of stories suggesting he does not.

All the pre-Combine analysis of Darnold, dating to last spring, before his final season with the Trojans, has been hyping him up as the best and most complete QB prospect since Andrew Luck. He is definitely a great prospect for a quarterback-needy team like the Bills, but unless the team is not in the top three, a team will have to pay up. "Watch how they come in, their presence, and observe how they describe what they're doing on the field to see how quickly in some ways they would transition to our game".

"Of course you want a franchise quarterback". The quarterbacks, wide receivers, and tight ends hit the field on Saturday to showcase their skill sets in both traditional combine and position-specific drills. Work hard, leadership is so important. "There's going to be a lot more doubters saying what I can't do, and I think I'm ready to prove them wrong". "If they don't, generally their teams don't make it". These quotes could have just as easily applied to Jay Cutler, whose personality also did not fit the mold of an National Football League quarterback. But the prospects seem to have a good grasp of that dynamic. "Maybe if they think I'm a good player, but not a good fit for their personality profile, you can respect that". I think I make good decisions. "I'm going to do that on a person-by-person basis". But I also understand why more players are making the decision to forego the process, or parts of it.