Israeli officials warn against Iran's 'dangerous empowerment' in Syria

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Velayati's threats toward Israel, meanwhile, come after at least seven Iranian military personnel were killed in an airstrike on a Syrian airbase after the chemical attack in Ghouta.

"It seems the USA government is looking for an excuse for military intervention", Iran's foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, said has he arrived in Brazil early on Tuesday, according to state media.

"A lack of coherent strategy toward Syria is strengthening our adversaries and weakening our allies", Block warned and "the power vacuum would immeasurably strengthen Syria's President Bashar al-Assad and his evil regime propped up by his patrons Iran and Russian Federation".

Hours after the attack, the Army of Islam rebel group agreed to surrender the town and evacuate their fighters to rebel-held northern Syria, Syrian state media reported.

A child cries as they have their face wiped following alleged chemical weapons attack, in what is said to be Douma, Syria in this still image from video obtained by Reuters on April 8, 2018. "His threats to repeat impulsive acts of aggression is symptomatic of USA policy helping extremists", the tweet reads.

Russian Federation has warned that U.S. strikes in Syria would have "grave consequences", according to a Foreign Ministry statement.

"The Cuban missile crisis might be the template Putin is looking at right now", he said.

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"Russia wants the USA out of Syria as soon as possible, so if we have a clash and Trump retreats, Putin scores twice", he added.

Israel and America's Arab allies have long warned that Iran's growing influence in Syria is part of a plan to build "a land bridge from Iran to the Mediterranean Sea", which Block says would destabilize "the entire region from the ruins of Syria to the Yemeni desert".

If and when the Iranians decide to attack Israel, he added, they will not do so from their own territory.

Russian Federation and Syria have consistently denied all the allegations of chemical attacks during the seven year old Syrian war, and in this instance have accused the rebels of staging a "false flag" incident to trigger USA intervention.

Russia's Foreign Ministry called the latest reports of a chemical attack a provocation.

Syria has been accused multiple times of using toxic weapons including sarin gas in the country's seven-year war, which has killed more than 350,000 people.