Microsoft reorganises, with eye for cloud, AI

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Other engineers will create the user applications - "Windows experiences", in Microsoft terms - that ride on top of the underlying software, in smartphones, tablets, personal computers and game consoles. Microsoft's Terry Myerson in his farewell post said that Windows 10 is running on around 700 million devices, this includes PCs, Xbox and even HoloLens. For instance, one team will exclusively be working on augmented- and mixed-reality technologies while others focus on different tasks.

Rajesh Jha will "expand his existing responsibilities" to lead a team called Experiences & Devices. Microsoft is creating two new engineering teams, with one focusing on how consumers use technology and the other on how businesses use cloud computing and artificial intelligence. He was also a member of Microsoft's Senior Leadership team for the past several years.

These online services-both end-user facing ones like OneDrive and enterprise ones such as Intune-will be core to monetizing Windows going forward, and we can expect to see further development and promotion of bundles such as Microsoft 365, which combines Office 365 with Windows 10 and mobile management. Myerson has been with the company since 1997, although he's only been in charge of Windows since 2013.

"The objective of the Experiences & Devices team is to instill a unifying product ethos across our end-user experiences and devices", Nadella wrote.

Microsoft's Terry Myerson who has been leading Microsoft's efforts in transforming Windows from a slow to update OS into a more regularly updated product to keep Windows fresh is out after 21 years of service. Nadella noted that computing experiences have evolving to include multiple senses and are no longer bound to one device at a time.

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The CEO has appointed Microsoft Devices head Panos Panay chief product officer to lead hardware development.

The letter also lists that Jason Zander will take over as the executive VP of Microsoft Azure. Business AI will be merged with business applications under James Phillips, while Eric Lockard will lead a cloud + AI division and Alex Kipman will handle the cloud side of the mixed reality business and Eric Boyd will handle AI cognitive services- things like Azure's machine learning tools.

In describing today's reorg, Nadella said the moves are part of Microsoft's goal to focus on the "intelligent cloud and the intelligent edge". That's a sign of Microsoft's ongoing hybrid cloud strategy; it views Windows, whether on-premises or in the cloud, as part of a unified cloud platform.

Harry Shum will continue to lead Microsoft's third engineering team, which focuses on A.I. and research and was established in 2016, Nadella said.