Ulster Bank Says Transaction Glitch Is Fixed

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Yesterday Ulster Bank had been forced to offer emergency cash payments after another shambles meant funds have disappeared from the accounts of thousands of customers.

Customers said their cards were declined when making purchases, while others said they had insufficient funds in their accounts to cover direct debits.

ULSTER Bank has confirmed that it was human error that caused problems with transactions in some of their accounts today.

Ulster Bank is blaming "human error" for a glitch affecting customer accounts in the Republic of Ireland.

In the meantime, the bank says no customer will be left out of pocket and emergency cash of up to €500 can be accessed in branch or over the phone.

Some customers have reported discrepancies with their accounts.


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Emergency Cash is available for impacted customers.

The bank has been accused of failing to invest in its payments systems. "Balance available is all over the place", said one Twitter user. Extraordinary how often this kind of issue happens with this bank.

TDs have called on Ulster Bank to explain why money has disappeared from some bank accounts.

The problem has been going on since the start of the business week on Monday and Ulster Bank has launched an urgent investigation into the matter.

"I have called on Ulster Bank and the Central Bank to be brought into the Finance Committee without delay so we can get answers". Ulster Bank customers find themselves let down again by their bank that they trusted would mind their money.

The bank added that it is "working hard" to fix the issue and apologised for any inconvenience.