Amazon Go Stores Are Coming to Chicago and San Francisco

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"We teamed with up Shorr Packaging to analyze 11 key factors in 25 cities to determine the best places to live if you use Amazon services-and Seattle came in at #6 on our list!" They prove it every time by their new inventions and once again they are back with a masterpiece.

But now, reports Recode, Amazon is getting set to launch its Go stores in Chicago and San Francisco. It's unclear exactly when these new stores will open.The Seattle City Council passed a new law that will require companies making more than $20 million a year to pay a 'head tax.' Amazon and other Seattle-based companies will now be required to pay a tax of 14 cents per employee per hour worked, which comes out to roughly $275 per employee each year. The retailer confirmed the news after recently putting up an ad seeking for store managers for outlets in both cities. However, this issue has largely been eliminated just a few weeks after the grand opening of the original Amazon Go store. Shoppers need to open the Amazon Go app to enter, and any products they take from the store are automatically charged to their account when they leave. This time, it'll be to mock the company for understanding so little about the context in which their poll is released.

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The first Amazon Go store opened up in January. In addition there is a small grocery and sundry section, ready-to-heat meals, meal kits, beer and wine and a few shelves of Amazon-logo gear aimed at tourists. It bought grocer Whole Foods past year for $13.7billion, which gave it 470 stores, and has opened more than a dozen bookstores.

The actual Amazon Go store is extremely tech-heavy, was expensive to build and can only sell a narrow range of specially-selected items - nowhere near the 50,000 or so items a typical supermarket stocks.