More Ebola cases detected in DR Congo

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Ebola has been confirmed in at least two people in the northwestern town of Bikoro. Of the five samples analyzed, two were found to be positive for Ebola virus serotype Zaire by RT-PCR.

The DRC authorities further reported 21 other cases of fever accompanied with uncontrolled bleeding which is the disease's main symptom in Equateur province.

Ebola was first identified in 1976 in Congo and this is the 9th such outbreak in the country.

Ebola causes numerous symptoms, including fever, severe headache, muscle pain and diarrhea.

The virus is often spread to human beings through infected bushmeat or contact with bodily fluids of infected persons or animals.

Ngaleto said of all cases so far reported, seven were now in the hospital in Bikoro.

Costs for current Ebolavirus vaccine candidates are estimated to be in a range of United States dollars 15-20 per dose, with some 462 million people living in the areas affected by Ebolavirus outbreaks, many of them in very remote rural areas. It comes less than a year after an outbreak killed four people in Congo's remote northeastern forests. The death toll in 2017 was restricted to four after the World Health Organization successfully set up a ground coordination support and an incident management system within 24 hours of the government declaring the outbreak.

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He said that an emergency operation centre would be set up and chaired by Dr. Babasanya, who actually led "our efforts in Liberia and Sierra Leone and Guinea during the outbreak in 2014". It kills almost 90 percent of all infected.

Seventeen people in northwest Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have died from Ebola, the health ministry said on Tuesday, describing the fresh outbreak as a "public health emergency with worldwide impact".

The WHO said that it is working closely with the DRC government to contain the spread of the viral disease.

"Following the outbreak of Ebola in DRC and as per the worldwide health regulations we are now conducting routine screening of all travelers at points of entry", said Kariuki in a notice seen by

The UK Public Health Rapid Support Team is also on standby ready to be deployed to support the response, if required.

According to Dr Antony Nsiah Asare, Director General of the GHS, the alert was received from the World Health Organisation (WHO).