Plano Teen Arrested For Plans To Commit Mass Shooting At Mall

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Matin Azizi-Yarand, 17, of Plano was arrested Tuesday morning at Plano Senior High School for recruiting and planning a terroristic attack at Stonebriar Centre in Frisco. He allegedly wrote a plan to spread his "Message to America" to explain the reason for his attack.

Azizi-Yarand is being held on bonds that total $3 million.

Azizi-Yarand allegedly tried to get the source to purchase firearms and gear for him by sending prepaid cards to a post office box, KTVT-TV reported.

Investigators said Azizi-Yarand also told the agent about how he planned to travel to Pakistan and cross into Afghanistan to join ISIS. Azizi-Yarand allegedly told the Federal Bureau of Investigation source that he had been observing the layout of the building, the number of security officers there, and the regular movements of the shopping mall's patrons.

"We are fortunate that the courageous men and women of local and federal law enforcement work around the clock to prevent acts of terrorism and mass shootings", said Collin County district attorney Greg Willis.

Interestingly, the prosecution will be handled by the local DA and not the US Attorney in federal court, according to the CBS affiliate reports.

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"The FBI's North Texas Joint Terrorism Task Force was able to successfully work with local, state, and federal partners to apprehend an individual who meant to do harm within the city of Frisco, Texas". He also described plans to damage the mall "setting stores on fire" to hurt the businesses financially.

"The facts of this case, though alarming, serve as an example of the power of cooperation and the importance of each individual remaining vigilant in the spirit of 'see something-say something, '" Frisco Police Chief John Bruce said. It's unsafe to akhi we have to be careful some have gotten arrested.

He faces life in prison on the criminal solicitation charge alone.

"Look at all the other lone wolves // What training did they have yet they simply killed the kuffar [Arabic for "disbelievers"]?" "The brothers in Europe and the brother in NY? Had no limitary training // it's not about numbers it's about getting a message across to these taghut countries // it's risky tho akhi we have to be careful some have gotten arrested // so we good brother?"

In late March, he planned the shooting for Ramadan "to limit Muslim casualties", but he also expressed plans to wait until his 18th birthday in November so he could purchase a rifle. It is here that Azizi-Yarand allegedly expressed his desire to commit an attack, adding that he had been reading ISIS guides for "performing operations and making bombs".

Azizi-Yarand asked if the source could come to Dallas and said he planned to shoot a Hindu temple and ditch the getaway vehicle because "police response time here is really slow", the affidavit said.