PUBG Corp. Sues Epic Games For Copyright Infringement

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The main example of this is coming later this year with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which is set to feature a battle-royal mode called Blackout and is sure to also cut into other games player bases.

The lawsuit, filed in time with Fortnite's release in Korea, was likely a move by PUBG to retain a large portion of South Korea's market share for the BR genre.

However, analysts suggest the popularity of PUBG has waned since January, while Fortnite continues to attract more players.

Battle Royale was specifically made to capitalise on PUBG's success approximately 6 months after PlayerUnknown debuted his shooter, it's easy to see how Epic Games poses a threat.

"This is a measure to protect our copyrights", PUBG Corp. told Bloomberg. And it's hard to deny certain similarities beyond just the basic concept of 100 players forced to gather resources and fight in an ever-shrinking safe zone.

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"After listening to the growing feedback from our community and reviewing the gameplay for ourselves", the developer wrote, "we are concerned that Fortnite may be replicating the experience for which PUBG is known".

However, as noted by PCGamer, it could simply be the fact that Epic Games' Battle Royale mode announcement and directly cited PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds as an inspiration.

According to the filing, the boy posted a live-streamed video of himself cheating while playing the game, demonstrating "his use of the cheat to unlawfully modify the Fortnitegame code" and instructing viewers "as to how to use the cheat in the same way".

"To remove each and every version of the games 'Rules of Survival, ' 'Knives Out, ' and similarly infringing games, from distribution and to cease developing and supporting those games", the suit says. It's also now the most-watched game on Twitch and YouTube.