Suspect Identified in CIA Leak Was Charged, but Not for the Breach

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USA government officials are looking into a former CIA employee for his possible role in leaking a trove of the agency's cyber espionage tools to WikiLeaks.

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents reportedly searched his Manhattan home a week after the WikiLeaks published its first Vault 7 dispatch in March 2017.

Weaver added that the fact the leak could happen was more significant as it came well after NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden released masses of documents about the agency's surveillance of American citizens in 2013.

"I am just scared to death", said Roger Schulte, Mr. Schulte's father, who lives in Lubbock, Tex.

There may be a lot questions surrounding 30-year-old former Central Intelligence Agency employee Joshua Adam Schulte, but one thing is certain: This man needs lawyers.

In court in January, a prosecutor, the assistant United States attorney Matthew J. Laroche, said that "the government immediately had enough evidence" to make Mr. Schulte a target of the investigation. WikiLeaks began releasing them in March 2017.

At January's pre-trial hearing for Schulte, Laroche said the material was taken from the CIA during the over six years that Schulte worked for the agency in various positions, including technical development officer. Although the feds did not bring a case against the former staffer for the leaks, they did charge him with possession of child pornography dating back to 2009.

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Neither the CIA or the Justice Department have commented on Schulte's detainment but a year ago during the publication of WikiLeaks Vault 7 series a CIA spokesperson stated: "The American public should be deeply troubled by any WikiLeaks disclosure created to damage the Intelligence Community's ability to protect America against terrorists and other adversaries".

It is noted that despite the long months of investigation, prosecutors have been unable to charge him. What they allegedly found instead, however, was a large collection of child pornography on a server he maintained.

Schulte said in the statement that he joined the intelligence community to fulfill what he saw as a patriotic duty to respond to the attacks of September 11, 2001. He then left the intelligence community in 2016 and started working in the private sector.

Schulte said he had also been planning a vacation with his brother to Cancun, Mexico, which may have given the appearance that he was trying to flee the country.

"Due to these unfortunate coincidences the Federal Bureau of Investigation ultimately made the snap judgment that I was guilty of the leaks and targeted me", he said. The search warrant for Schulte's apartment stated that he was being investigated for the "distribution of national defense information".

"It's used to access child pornography".

Clarification: An earlier version of this report quoted Laroche as saying that "those search warrants haven't yielded anything that is consistent with [Schulte's] involvement in that disclosure".