AG sues to bar online 3D printer gun plans

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It says on its website that it plans to release the plans by august 1. Nine of the plans were uploaded online on Friday. They also say such guns are still subject to federal laws, such as a requirement that all guns contain metal parts, and state laws that require serial numbers.

In the lawsuit filed Monday, the attorneys general claimed that this "temporary modification" violates the Administrative Procedure Act because, the states claim, "there is no indication in the Settlement Agreement (or elsewhere) that any analysis, study or determination was made by the Government Defendants, in consultation with other agencies, before the Government agreed to remove" the files from Category I of the US munitions list. Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson said. Those states were Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Oregon, Maryland, New York and the District of Columbia.

Separately, 21 state attorneys general sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday, saying that the State Department's decision was "deeply risky and could have an unprecedented impact on public safety".

In a separate letter, Attorney General Grewal informed DreamHost, the web-hosting provider, that Defense Distributed's website will be violating the provider's Acceptable Use Policy.

The company's attorney, Josh Blackman, called it an 'easy case'.

"I'm not anxious for me, I'm anxious for the people of Pennsylvania, which is creating bad laws for their citizens", Wilson said Monday.

Attorney General Maura Healey is suing the Trump administration for allowing a website to post plans that let people print a gun with a 3D printer.

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Wilson sued in 2015, arguing that his weapons' plans were a form of speech and that his First Amendment rights were being stifled. The June settlement allows the company to resume posting the blueprints.

Gun control activists and law enforcement officials fear that criminals seeking guns will be able to bypass background checks, skirt age restrictions and ignore gun licensing rules. "We have laws in place to keep people safe, & during a time when students aren't safe in their own classrooms, we need more help - not less". On Capitol Hill, two Democratic congressman, Reps.

It comes as little surprise, then, to read that less than a year after a mass shooting in Las Vegas that saw the killing or wounding of some 480 people, yet another law has been passed in America; one that makes it easier for people to get a gun.

But several efforts to stymie Defense Distributed have hit roadblocks. The company's founder, Cody Wilson, developed a printable plastic pistol known as the "Liberator.380" in 2012 and put the plans online, but was blocked by the federal government.

Avery W. Gardiner, co-president of the Brady Campaign, called the decision "bitterly disappointing" but pledged that "this fight has only just begun".

Files showing how to replicate the process were immediately made available on the Defense Distributed website and downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.

Also today, Attorney General Grewal joined 20 other state attorneys general in a letter criticizing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Attorney General Jeff Sessions for settling the federal lawsuit against Defense Distributed and urging them to withdraw from the settlement before the company publishes the computer files later this week.