Republicans seek impeachment. But it’s a Trump nemesis they want gone

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"With Attorney General Sessions' recusal, Rod Rosenstein has been in charge of the Department of Justice as the agency has made every effort to obstruct legitimate attempts of congressional oversight", Meadows said in a statement, adding that it's "time to find a new deputy attorney general who is serious about accountability and transparency". Rosenstein has said the documents contain personal data, information about intelligence sources and other sensitive information.

Republican Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, stated earlier today that he did not support the effort of these 11 House Representatives. "No, I do not", Ryan, R-Wis., said, warning lawmakers not to be "cavalier" with impeachment while further expressing doubt that the GOP's showdown with the Department of Justice rises to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors.

In addition to Meadows and Jordan, the Republican lawmakers who sponsored the impeachment articles are Reps.

"I hope that they lay down a gauntlet and show these folks that we're not just going to accept this", Rep. Tom Rice, R-S.C., told ABC News.

Meadows, the North Carolina Republican who chairs the House Freedom Caucus, and Jordan, the Ohio Republican who is the former chairman of that caucus, have been highly critical of Rosenstein, with Jordan and Rosenstein exchanging testy remarks at a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing last month.

"I want the documents and I'm not a big fan of drama, I like the documents", the South Carolina Republican said, explaining that he opposes impeachment because it's punishment and not a remedy to obtaining the documents in question. The move escalates an ongoing feud some House Republicans have had with the Justice Department, which they have accused of withholding key information from Congress.

Democrats have criticized the Republican efforts to pressure the Justice Department, saying they are attempts to undermine Mueller's investigation. Even if they could get the House to impeach Rosenstein, the closely divided Senate is unlikely to follow suit. A replacement for Rosenstein could fire Mueller or narrow the scope of his work, which Trump has often assailed as a "witch hunt". "Our message to the Justice Department: either produce the documents or take the consequences".

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"The DOJ is keeping information from Congress", Jordan said.

After nine months of incomplete compliance with oversight requests related to the Russian Federation and Hillary Clinton email investigations, Rep. Mark Meadows, the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, introduced an impeachment resolution on Wednesday night with 10 conservative colleagues.

Part of that effort, Democrats have said, includes what they see as Republicans making unreasonable document demands tied to the ongoing Russian Federation investigation.

Meadows said the five-week delay would give the department "one last chance" to deliver.

Justice Department officials, briefing reporters Wednesday on condition of anonymity, said the department has fully complied with two subpoenas from the House Intelligence Committee and met nearly all demands in a subpoena from the House Judiciary Committee.

The biggest unmet demand is providing lawmakers access to unredacted documents related to the Clinton investigation, which falls under the House Judiciary subpoena, the officials said. Page has since left the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Strzok has been removed from active duty while he's under review for possible disciplinary action.