Blizzard Has ‘Multiple Diablo Projects’ in the Works

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It seems likely that Diablo 4 is one of their long-term goals for the franchise, and we know the developer is teaming up with Titan Comics to produce a comic miniseries later this year.

She added that The Season Of Greed is the first of the Themed seasons and Blizzard Entertainment plans to bring other Themed Season to Diablo 3 as well.

The "forges at Blizzard are burning hot", with multiple Diablo projects.

Although it's not the first time we've heard about them developing a new Diablo, it's certainly the first we've been told about the amount of work being taken on. Diablo is, and always will be, part of Blizzard's identity, and we can't wait for the future.

What could these projects be?

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A job listing on their recruitment page opened up a can of worms for the devs, after they asked for a "skilled Dungeon Artist" to work on a "new, unannounced Diablo project".

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In fact, Blizzard had teased as much, tweeting a photo of Diablo III's logo on a light switch on 28 February of this year.

Now onto the mobile Diablo game. Each time there is a slight inkling that new Diablo projects are in the works, I'm straight on it. Again, no guarantee - but you and I are both secretly hoping for it, and Blizzard has to know. Diablo III's launch was pretty disastrous, what with the bad issues, terrible difficulty scaling, poor drop rates, and the terrifying Real Money Auction House.

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