Chemical Linked With Cancer Found In Oat Cereals

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According to this new report, some types of oat cereals, oatmeal, granola, and snack bars contain unsafe levels of a weed killer chemical.

Last week a court in California ordered Monsanto to pay $39 million in compensation and $250 million in punitive damages to a school groundskeeper who developed non-Hodgkin's lymphoma after years of using Roundup at work.

We are deeply disappointed by the tone-deaf response of General Mills and the Quaker Oats Company to the news that EWG research has found a toxic weed killer in their products at levels of concern to human health-especially the health of kids.

The company faces more trials involving other plaintiffs.

While it became the world's most popular and widely used herbicide, the question of whether it causes cancer has been hotly debated by environmentalists, regulators, researchers and lawyers - even as Monsanto has insisted for decades that it's perfectly safe.

In a statement, it said the company was sympathetic to former grounds keeper Mr Johnson and his family, but glyphosate was a "safe tool for farmers and others".

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National Farmers Federation president Fiona Simson said the science on the safety of glyphosate was "clear and overwhelming" and the court had set a "reckless precedent".

EWG determined Quaker Old-Fashioned Oats, Cheerios, Quaker Dinosaur Egg Instant Oats, Great Value Instant Oats, and Back to Nature Classic Granola Clusters all had excessive levels of Glyphosate, according to its study.

He said many banks had lowered their price target for the Bayer shares at the start of the week because they fear more legal suits. "The agency's assessment found no other meaningful risks to human health when the product is used according to the pesticide label". The EPA has researched this issue and has set rules that we follow as do farmers who grow crops including wheat and oats.

In April, nonprofit US Right to Know obtained emails showing that tests conducted by the Food and Drug Administration revealed "a fair amount" of glyphosate in some foods. "Through the use of glyphosate, farmers are able to practise minimum tillage - protecting soil structure and nutrients and ultimately increasing the storage of soil carbon", she said.

Dr. Lowry heads the council on environmental health for the American Academy of Pediatrics. "And essentially we're just throwing it at them". He had claimed that Roundup, the weed killer made by Monsanto, caused his terminal cancer. Scientists point out that even organic oats corn and soy can all be contaminated if they sit next to fields where glyphosate is sprayed or if they are processed on the same equipment as conventionally grown oats. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other regulatory authorities in Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia, Korea, and elsewhere routinely review all approved pesticide products and have consistently reaffirmed that glyphosate does not cause cancer.

The Guardian reports that some of the products found in the EWG study which contain the highest levels of glyphosate include popular brands such as Quaker, Kellogg's, and General Mills.