Condolences pour in after the death of John McCain

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Just a few weeks later, Senator McCain would be diagnosed with brain cancer, another physical torment endured while continuing to serve his nation.

Sen. McCain made a decision to stop treatment for the brain cancer he had been battling for over a year, his family said Friday in an announcement that precipitated a rare moment of bipartisan empathy in honor of the Vietnam war hero and Republican political veteran.

His office said in a statement that his wife Cindy McCain and their family were alongside him when he died.

Previous year - in what would be his last worldwide trip - the United States Studies Centre in Sydney hosted an address by Senator McCain.

McCain got a taste of politics in 1976, when he served as the Navy's liaison to the Senate.

Mr McCain was the presidential candidate of the Republican Party in 2008. In 2000, McCain lost a GOP presidential primary to now-former President George W. Bush.

Mr McCain was the son and grandson of admirals and followed them to the US Naval Academy.

October 26, 1967: McCain's A-4E Skyhawk is shot down over Hanoi by a surface-to-air missile.

While being held by his captors, he suffered torture that left him with lasting disabilities.

Who could succeed John McCain in the Senate? Both of his arms and his knee were broken, and McCain was knocked unconscious and taken as a prisoner of war.

Because his father was named commander of United States forces in Vietnam that same year, the North Vietnamese offered to release McCain early. They can take a knee and wait for the referee to count to 10 anytime they want, refuse to leave the safety of their stool or simply turn to the referee and declare "no mas".

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Eventually, he recovered from injuries and infection, only to spend two years in solitary confinement, where he used codes to communicate with other prisoners.

Below are some of the reactions to death of the veteran politician who stood against Barack Obama in 2008.

He was elected to the Senate seat in 1986 and began serving in 1987, after weathering the so-called "Keating Five" scandal involving Charles Keating Jr. and his failed savings and loan.

Here's what will happen to McCain's Senate seat.

US President Donald Trump offered his condolences to the family of John McCain, who died on Saturday.

McCain ran twice for president. He later returned the donations and admitted the appearance of it was wrong. He earned a reputation as a party maverick by advocating campaign finance reform, lending his name to the bipartisan McCain-Feingold Act of 2002, and supporting overhauling the nation's immigration system over the years.

In 2008, McCain fared far better.

At a Republican fundraiser in 1998, he joked about the then-US President Bill Clinton's daughter, Chelsea, calling the teenager "ugly". He chooses a virtually unknown governor as his running mate: Alaska's Sarah Palin. Over the years, McCain advocated for military intervention in a number of countries including Bosnia, Kosovo, Georgia, North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, and Mali. He was 81 and had been battling brain cancer. He battled through it, returning to Congress this past summer.

The type of brain tumor with which he was afflicted, glioblastoma, is particularly aggressive and hard to treat.

This heartbreaking news comes one day after McCain's family released a statement, saying that he had chosen to discontinue cancer treatments. The two married in 1980 and are parents to four children, including The View co-host Meghan McCain.

During his cancer treatment, McCain kept tabs on Washington from his Arizona home, where old friends and colleagues, including former Vice President Joe Biden, visited to check up on McCain and provide support. However, one person's Satanic rocker is another person's Republican small-business owner with strong conservative bona fides who, not for nothing, was friendly with McCain.