Hundreds of Trump supporters and foes gather early ahead of Tampa rally

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"After a while, you forget who's the senator", Trump said. And if he suffers the traditional first-term bloody nose from midterm voters, it won't be because he didn't campaign hard enough. "I don't do these endorsements easily".

The Trumps and their cohort then travelled to Florida for a "Make America Great Again" rally in Tampa.

It was an anarchical moment that highlighted the comedy that is an underestimated ingredient of Trump's demagogic technique.

President Donald Trump is comparing himself to an icon of the Republican Party, Abraham Lincoln.

Also changing political alliances was Selembi Diemi of Tampa. If they win, they are going to work with him.

The ad comes just one day before Desantis' Tuesday rally in Tampa with Trump. Speculation was raging over Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani's confusing strategic shifts in his defense against the special counsel probe.

"Part of my goal since becoming chairman is, let's try to get the president here as much as we can between now and 2020". Bush had dropped out by the time the Florida primary took place, but Trump won Florida with 46 percent support to Rubio's second-place 27 percent showing.

The ad then features home videos of DeSantis, one of eight Republicans competing in the August 28 primary, parenting with a pro-Trump flair.

Because of that, he is reacting as he often does and has his entire career.

US President Donald Trump campaigned in the battleground state of Florida Tuesday, hoping to energize Republicans facing a stiff test in November polls. But in footage of the candidate with his kids, we see he's reading them The Art of the Deal and building a border wall out of toy bricks.

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Trump is telling supporters that he can be "more presidential than any president in history", except for Lincoln, "with that big hat".

Of course, the gaffe was easy fodder for Trump's detractors on Twitter.

Tuesday marked Trump's 36th rally in the Sunshine State.

The president has claimed in recent days that he has higher poll numbers than Lincoln.

Republicans have called for sharper teeth on voting laws in the past years, while opponents say that would restrict the underprivileged from voting.

The president also discussed global issues, such as Iran and Palestine.

"These are people that don't care about stopping crime". He encourages her with a giant smile, chanting, "Build the wall".

Trump first tweeted about DeSantis in December, before he'd even officially announced his run - calling him "a brilliant young leader" and "a true FIGHTER" - and offered his social media endorsement again in June.

But everyone in the White House, and in the GOP hierarchy, has long since stopped trying to rein in the President.