Book by Woodward says Trump wanted Syrian leader killed

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White House Chief of Staff John Kelly denied describing President Donald Trump as an "idiot", as Trump and his aides sought to push back Tuesday on a new book by veteran Washington reporter Bob Woodward that depicted the West Wing as "Crazytown".

On Wednesday, former Secretary of State for the Obama administration John Kerry responded to the explosive anonymous op-ed published by The New York Times claiming that there were those working within the Trump administration who "have vowed to thwart parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations" and questioning Trump's fitness for office.

CNN, which said it also obtained an advance copy of the book, reports that Trump's attorneys believe him incapable of telling the truth.

President Donald Trump is anxious that Bob Woodward's next book is going to be "bad", the Washington Post reports.

In his new book Fear, Woodward, who based the book on hundreds of hours of interviews with officials and principals in the Trump administration, paints a damning portrait of a White House in utter disarray under a president who has "gone off the rails".

Mattis said he'd 'get right on it, ' but ordered limited airstrikes that didn't threaten Assad personally instead.

In between Trump saying no senator mentioned it and him admitting Graham mentioned it comes this line from Woodward: "Senator Graham said he had talked to you about talking to me".

U.S. President Donald Trump wanted to have Syrian President Bashar al-Assad assassinated past year but his defense secretary ignored the request, according to a new book that depicts top Trump aides sometimes disregarding presidential orders to limit what they saw as damaging and risky behavior.

On accounts in the book that senior aides snatched sensitive documents off his desk to keep him from making impulsive decisions, Mr. Trump told The Daily Caller, "There was nobody taking anything from me".

The official's piece described a "two-track" presidency in which Trump says one thing and his staff consciously does another, for example with regard to what he called the president's "preference for autocrats and dictators". "We want the administration to succeed and think that many of its policies have already made America safer and more prosperous". McConnell says he won't discuss "observations by these apparent sources" Woodward used about Trump.

Trump calls quotes in Woodward book 'frauds'
Woodward sought through multiple White House officials and others close to Trump to secure an interview with him, to no avail. Mr Trump tells Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross he does not trust him, saying: "I don't want you doing any more negotiations".

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By state law the senator will have to be a member of the same party as the departing one, in this case the GOP . Cindy McCain , John McCain's widow, tweeted Tuesday that Kyle "is a dear friend of mine and John's".

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Trump has called Sessions "mentally retarded" and a "dumb Southerner", according to Woodward. "Apparently Trump could not grasp the concept of how the wheels on the bus could possibly go round and round all day".

Trump did not speak to Woodward until after the book's manuscript was completed. (I told you this was an fantastic phone call!) Conway, with Trump listening, says this: "I put in the request".

"I would know. I am one of them".

General Kelly on Trump: "He's an idiot".

The publication of Woodward's book has been anticipated for weeks, and current and former White House officials estimate that almost all their colleagues cooperated with the famed Watergate journalist.

According to Woodward's reporting, Trump stumbles and contradicts himself during the exercise and Dowd is convinced that Trump should never sit down with Justice Department investigators.

The Postpublished what it said was a conversation Woodward had with Trump after the book was finished.

Entitled "Fear: Trump in the White House,"the Woodward book is scheduled to be released September 11".

Trump has said he has buyer's remorse about Sessions because the attorney general recused himself from the Russian Federation investigation.

Trump joked it was the "nicest quote about me I think I've ever had". "This is the worst job I've ever had", Mr Kelly said at a meeting, according to Woodward.