Brett Kavanaugh Committee Vote Delayed One Week

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Collins insisted that this effort will not influence her vote.

The spotlight on Collins and Sen.

Susan Collins of ME and Alaska's Lisa Murkowski back abortion rights, which could be threatened if a socially conservative five-seat majority were cemented on the Supreme Court.

It looks as though all Senate Republicans will vote to confirm, with Vice President Mike Pence available if needed as a backup. Susan Collins claim that a crowdfunding campaign created to influence her vote on the Supreme Court confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh amounts to a "bribe", when it's really the kind of political speech that wealthy donors have been practicing legally for decades. Some of Kavanaugh's opponents appear to have gone far over the line in calls and messages to Collins' office, which have included vulgar insults and threats of violence.

"I always wait until after the hearings are complete before making a decision, and I'll do so in this case as well", she said.

For The Washington Post, Eli Rosenberg detects signs that an "unusual crowdfunding campaign" by "a group of liberal activists in Maine" soliciting pledges to be contributed in 2020 to a Democrat challenging Sen. He says the nomination will be "tainted" and "stained" by the unusual process for vetting President Donald Trump's nominee. Members of the group have met with Collins over the past 18 months on issues such as protecting the state's young immigrants known as Dreamers.

Democrats have hammered Kavanaugh over a belief that he will weaken access to health care and abortion while undoing environmental regulation.

As he had during the hearings, Kavanaugh declined to weigh in on what exceptions he would allow should Roe v. Wade be overturned, citing judicial independence.

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- Collins votes no on Kavanaugh "and you will not be charged, and no money will go to fund her future opponent". This crowdfunded money to pressure her is based on a quid pro quo - you vote the way we want and we will keep more than a million dollars away from your opponent - vote against us and we give her the money.

On social media, a number of the campaign's supporters pointed out the blatant hypocrisy of attacking small donors for attempting to persuade Collins to represent their interests, while happily accepting millions in corporate and PAC contributions over her decades in public office.

Collins told The Wall Street Journal, "I have had three attorneys tell me that they think it is a clear violation of the federal law on bribery".

"We won't let it stifle us". It would go back to voters or it would go to her Democratic opponent.

After a week of histrionics during Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings, Collins, a crucial swing vote in the Senate, is thought to be among the only people with the power to stop the nominee's near-certain confirmation to the nation's highest court. The same shout-and-arrest pattern continued throughout the week.

Democrats say Republicans, who have the majority, are rushing the proceedings.

The ads will appear online and on TV starting Wednesday, featuring ME women expressing concern about Collins's potential vote for Kavanaugh.

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