Google Chrome marks 10th birthday with new look, new tricks

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The newly redesigned Chrome will be seen in its versions on the desktop, Android and iOS.

Google Chrome was launched 10 years ago and as part of the celebration, Google has released Chrome 69 for desktop, Android, and iOS.

Chrome now has a completely new look. The Omnibox above the search window, which doubles as a webpage search and "frequently searched" tool, will now show answers directly in the address bad without users having to open a new tab. Just type the website and the Omnibar will tell if you already have that tab open and offer to take you there.

Security is another major thrust of Chrome 69. The Chrome 69 for iOS also brings these changes on board, but on iPhones, users will find the toolbar located towards the bottom of the screen. The search giant said that now Chrome has more rounded shapes, new icons and a new light colour palette.

Since it syncs with your Google account, if you log into the same site later on using your smartphone's Chrome browser, it will quickly fill in the information for you.

Needless to say, this is a massive update.

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This week is the Google Chrome browser's tenth anniversary, and Google is celebrating with the release of Chrome 69.

We love the Chrome Dinosaur game, the one that appears and soothes the feeling of frustration you get when trying to surf the web in Chrome when you have no internet access. Chrome 69 introduces a new look, an updated password manager and other improvements for Google's wunderkind.

The Omnibar, Google's term for the address bar turned search bar, is learning some new tricks too.

The new Chrome will allow more customisations like enabling shortcut creation and management from the new tab page. The difference is barely noticeable, but it is there, and users used to Chrome top-notch font rendering have immediately noticed.

For example, the shape of tabs has been tweaked to make website icons easier to see. If you try and use the same password across different websites, Chrome will warn you against doing so as well. Nonetheless, it's rolling out starting today so keep an eye out! On the plus side, storing those passwords in your Google account means they'll be available in Chrome on both your laptop and phone. Also, the New Tab Page can now be personalized with custom backgrounds and shortcuts. It's tough to imagine another browser coming along and representing as much of a sea change as Chrome did in 2008-but then again, few people outside of Google would have predicted that the company had an opportunity to shake up the browser market as much as Chrome did.