Russian Federation to brief UN Security Council on Syria´s Idlib

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Donald Trump's national security adviser stated on Monday that the United States, Britain and France had agreed that another use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government would result in a "much stronger response" compared to previous air strikes. To stand by and let the Syrian army annihilate the rebels in Idlib, said the Post, would be "another damaging abdication of USA leadership".

The undersecretary-general for humanitarian affairs Mark Lowcock called for renewed diplomacy. Turkey has troops and 12 observations points that ring Idlib.

That has prompted an estimated 30,452 people to be displaced within Idlib and parts of adjacent Hama province between September 1 and 9, the UN's humanitarian coordination agency (OCHA) said Monday. The barrage late Friday in Mhradah killed at least nine civilians, according to state media.

An AFP correspondent in the southern village of Al-Muntar saw huge clouds of grey smoke billow up above olive trees after a barrel bombing.

More than half of Idlib is held by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), an alliance led by Syria's former al-Qaeda affiliate, while most of the rest is held by rival rebels.

More than 3 million people live in the rebel-held territory, almost half of them already displaced from fighting elsewhere in Syria.

It has been reported more than 30 air raids struck the south west of the province over the weekend. The area targeted over the past few days overlooks government-controlled areas.

The raids forced schools to close in Khan Sheikhoun, a town under attack, according to the Observatory.

The opposition's Civil Defence, also known as the White Helmets, said 11 people were wounded in an attack on the village of Heesh.

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The escalating bombardment has already damaged civilian infrastructure.

The U.S. Government in 2003 said that Saddam Hussein had failed Iraq and so America and its allies invaded and occupied there in 2003; and then America and its allies said that Muammar Qaddafi had failed Libyans and so invaded and occupied there in 2011; but, unlike Syria's President Bashar al-Assad, neither of those two heads-of-state was backed by Russian Federation, and Assad is.

Russian warplanes began launching airstrikes in western Idlib, shortly after the tweet was published.

The local council of Morek, a town that serves as a crossing between Hama and Idlib, sent an urgent appeal, asking Turkey to intervene.

Praising the moderate opposition for their contributions to Turkish campaigns in northern Syria against Daesh and PKK terrorist groups, Erdoğan added that Turkey has carried out operations without harming or displacing civilians, and the same principle should also be followed should there be an operation against extremist elements in Idlib. Clashes rarely erupt there over turf control and authority, and are usually a reflection of deepening political tension between the uneasy partners.

"Arguably removing USA force presence [in northeast Syria] allows the Assad regime to retake that territory, and of course, who comes with them?" Many fear conscription or arrest.

There was no immediate word about the clashes from the government.

The Kurdish-led administration control almost 30 percent of Syria, mostly in the northeastern part of the country, including some of Syria's largest oil fields.