Turkey's Erdogan Says His Meeting With Putin on Syria Will Bring Hope

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Earlier it was reported that the presidents of Turkey and Russian Federation will discuss in Sochi the crisis in the Syrian Idlib.

Putin said the zone will extend 9 miles to 12 miles deep and that all militants should evacuate the zone along with "heavy armaments, rocket launchers, tanks and mortars of all opposition forces", by October 10.

"We have chose to create a demilitarised zone some 15 to 20 kilometres deep along the line of contact between the armed opposition and regime troops by 15 October of this year", he said.

"The demilitarised zone will be monitored by mobile patrol groups of Turkish units and units of Russian military police".

Turkey has also warned about the presence of terrorist groups in Idlib, stressing ahead of the Sochi meeting that inaction would lead to "heavy consequences".

"We need details", he said, adding that the Assad government has broken many agreements before, including the Russian-Turkey negotiated de-escalation zones.

Syrian health sector workers hold opposition flags and roses as in the village of Atmeh in the northern Idlib province, during a rally demanding that hospitals be protected in the case of an upcoming offensive, on Monday.

Idlib and surrounding areas is home to over 3 million Syrians, and an estimated 60,000 opposition fighters.

Russian Federation will surely take necessary precautions to ensure the Idlib de-escalation zone is not attacked.

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"Let's all take steps, measures together against the terror groups among the opposition in Idlib", Erdogan said.

As the decisive stand for their last stronghold looms, this motley crew of tens of thousands of opposition fighters, including some of the world's most radical groups, is looking for ways to salvage whatever is possible of an armed rebellion that at one point in the seven-year conflict controlled more than half of the country.

"Turkey offered Putin a ladder with which to climb down from the tree, threatening a military offensive in Idlib that had little chance for success", Ramadan said in a series of text messages with The Associated Press.

US President Donald Trump tweeted earlier this month that to do so would be a "grave humanitarian error", while US envoy to the UN Nikki Haley outright said that any Russian attack on Idlib would provoke "dire" consequences.

The official said Washington remains "concerned by the Assad regime's pattern of destabilizing actions in Idlib and elsewhere", noting that the USA will continue to watch the situation and the regime's actions closely.

Monday's meeting between Erdogan and Putin continued talks from an Iran-hosted summit last week, during which Putin dismissed Erdogan's proposal for a complete ceasefire in Syria.

Idlib: A "hotbed" for terrorism?

Bombardment has slowed over the past week, and on Friday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov denied that Syrian troops were planning a major offensive on Idlib.

In what appears to a breakthrough solution, Putin and Erdogan have agreed to ensure peace with the help of Russian and Turkish troops.