'We could be finished': Strawberry sabotage devastates growers

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In New Zealand, New World, Pak'nSave and Four Square stores are stocking some Australian strawberries ahead of the start of the local season, but a Foodstuffs spokesperson said none of their fruit was associated with the recall in Australia.

The farms are not related to the farm packaging strawberries under the Berry Licious and Berry Obsession brands which was hit with a needle crisis earlier in the week.

Consumers in Queensland have been told to return or discard fruit due to the harmful contamination after a customer was rushed to a hospital after swallowing part of a needle in a strawberry.

In Queensland's Gladstone, a 9-year-old boy bit into a strawberry with a needle in it, but thankfully wasn't pricked.

Queensland Acting Chief Superintendent Terry Lawrence said on September 12 that the police were in contact with the farm operators and Woolworths representatives, and that they believed that the offender contaminated the stock intentionally.

"We want everybody to check their strawberries before consuming them ... just cut them up, have a look", Supt Lawrence said.

"I said I need you to stop him from eating the strawberries".

It comes after NSW mother Chantal Faugeras posted to Facebook images of strawberries she says she bought from a Coles supermarket on the state's mid-north coast on Tuesday.

She said the punnets were both Delightful Strawberries branded product.

The initial brands affected by the contamination, Berry Licious and Berry Obsession, have already been removed from sale and are no longer in market.

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At least three cases have been reported, not including what is believed to be a copycat case in Gatton reported today.

Three punnets of Donnybrook strawberries containing sewing needles were found at Redbank Plains, Tweed Heads and Everton Park.

Detective Acting Chief Superintendent Terry Lawrence told media that while the Strawberry Growers Association said they believed that disgruntled ex-employee may be responsible for the needles, police are "not agreeing with that at all at this point in time".

"They are also contacting the supplier, the police and health and safety", Gane stated.

Police were investigating the possibility of an extortion attempt or someone carrying out a vendetta against the supermarket giant.

The growers association released a statement acknowledging the reports.

Queensland mum Angela Stevenson discovered her strawberries, which she had given to her son for school lunch, were contaminated after cutting into metal.

Police said a Coles employee had discovered the silver rod in a punnet of strawberries they had purchased at work.