Black Mirror Season 5 Will Have an Interactive Episode

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The caveat to the Netflix news is that, while nearly all smartphones work with this type of content, only certain TVs and streaming players are compatible with Netflix's interactive adventures - Chromecast and Apple TV do not, for example.

So why not start with the most technologically dystopian show of all time, and go for Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror? Essentially, users will be able to choose what happens to their characters before they inescapably get trapped in some sort of dystopian world. Shows with this video-game style choose-your-own-path feature are picking up slowly.

We've also ranked our top 10 Black Mirror episodes of all time, the show, by Charlie Brooker and once a Channel 4 exclusive in the United Kingdom, that is now available on Netflix.

Per Bloomberg, Black Mirror's fifth season is expected to drop in December.

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Black Mirror isn't the only Netflix entity where viewers will be allowed to have a say in what comes next.

If Netflix wants interactive TV to take off it will need wider support.

It's not clear how the Black Mirror episode will function, though it's bound to be a lot more complicated than the interactive stories Netflix has already been produced. It's also not new for Netflix, which has used the concept for the kids' program Puss in Book. If successful, expect to see more experiments like it in the months to come. That will be the real test, but for now it certainly seems like a good idea, especially when watching with a large group of people. Content can still be enjoyed on these devices but it will not be interactive. At this point, it doesn't really matter since fans are more than likely excited that the show is coming back sooner than later.

We're excited, and scared...and we don't know whether to run away screaming or wait up and binge watch as we essentially become our own episode of Black Mirror.