Both iPhone XS and XS Max are facing serious problem with 'charging'

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Availability, offers on the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max Airtel is claiming to deliver the new iPhone right at your doorstep.

The ultimate headphone to say "Yeah, I've got the new iPhone XS with" is the Air Pods. Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are powered by the A12 Bionic chip with a 7 nm design, which allows for more than 6 billion transistors on the processor.

So if you have an iPhone XS, XS Max, or any iDevice that just updated to iOS 12, it's worth double checking your phone is actually charging when you plug it in. While the cause, for now, is unknown, it appears that there could be an issue with the way the phones handle being in an idle state. On the left half of the charger is a vertical stand to prop up your phone, while the other half is flat; you can still charge a second phone on the flat portion, or use it to charge a smartwatch like the new Apple Watch Series 4. Further, some users have a complaint that even if their iPhones charge upon connecting the lightning cable, the iPhone remains freezes until the brick and cable is connected to the phone.

Fortunately, there is a potential fix that is helping many sufferers of the iPhone XS charging issue, at least until Apple addresses the problem in a press statement or software patch. Speculation is that it may have something to do with USB Restricted Mode, a feature introduced in iOS 11.4.1, which prevents USB devices from interacting with an iOS device if it's been locked for more than an hour. The iPhone XS will be able to run without recharging 30 minutes longer than the iPhone X, and the iPhone XS Max can run 90 minutes longer.

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It was suggested the technology giant could use a software update to reduce the impact of the new features.

But there may be some things you can try in the meantime. The complications don't stop there, as users also seem to be having difficulty charging the device via the provided lightning cable.

Apple launched a new generation of the iPhones this year and we could smell 2017 in the air. I also tried to repeat the charging issue after that but it always charges normally without any issues.

Adding a new recipient to the message and selecting a numeral from the virtual keyboard then reveals a list of recently dialed or received phone numbers and contacts. While standard AppleCare does not cover against accidental breaks, loss or theft, it does cover against factory defects. But as of now, the company is remaining quiet on the issue.