Russia Mourns Victims of Crimea College Shooting, in Photos

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On Wednesday, 18-year-old Vladislav Roslyakov opened fire on his technical college in the city of Kerch before killing himself.

The director of the school, Olga Grebennikova, described the scene that she encountered when she entered the college building after the attack. "We need to know the truth now", resident Sergei Ivanov told AFP. "But this scoundrel could not have prepared this attack on his own, in my opinion and according to my colleagues".

Wednesday's attack in the city of Kerch was by far the worst by a student in Russian Federation, raising questions about school security in the country.

KAZINFORM No Kazakhstanis are among those killed and wounded in Kerch college attack, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says.

The attack was the greatest loss of life in school violence in Russian Federation since the Beslan attack by Chechen separatists in September 2004, in which 333 people, many of them children, were killed during a three-day siege. Hundreds of others were wounded.

Investigators are working to establish the teenager's exact motive and whether he was working alone.

The teenager had spoken about taking revenge for bullying, his ex-girlfriend told Russian media yesterday.

"I saw my friend Dasha get killed". Check the options that Roslyakovo could help that in addition Roslyakova in technical schools were still people.

The computer's wiping could impede efforts to determine if he had an accomplice in planning the attack.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said everything started with the tragic events in schools in the US.

Speaking at an worldwide conference of policy experts, Putin on Thursday linked the attack to "globalization", drawing parallels to shooting attacks in the U.S.

The Investigative Committee said it was still working to establish the motive for the attack that recalled similar shooting sprees carried out by students in USA schools.

"Young people with a fragile mental state are creating false heroes for themselves", he said.

"If you monitor the Crimean media, there is propagated hatred for Ukraine, the Crimean Tatars", Chubarov said, adding that Russian law enforcement agencies on the occupied peninsula would ratchet up repressions against Crimean Tatars. But despite acts of public defiance and rallies, both groups haven't engaged in any violent activities in Crimea.

The death toll from the shooting climbed by one to 20 on Thursday after one of the wounded died in hospital. For two hours Friday, thousands of residents of Kerch, have ignored the fog and the first cold weather to gather in front of 17 body, the first buried since the killing.

Mourners in Moscow carried flowers and candles to a makeshift memorial at the Alexander Garden near the Kremlin. Many were in tears, struggling to speak.

The attack had first been reported as an explosion, with Russia's National Anti-Terrorism Committee saying an "unidentified explosive device" had gone off.

Skvortsova spoke of the severity of injuries some of the victims have sustained. "We have found nuts and metal balls in the liver, guts and blood vessels of those whose internal organs were ruptured. That is how powerful the blast was". "Where were the men who were there in large numbers?" Immediately after the killing, several Russian officials have said they want to study a track in Ukrainian.