Syria re-opens crossings into Jordan and Israeli-occupied Golan

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The Quneitra border crossing in the Golan Heights was reopened on Monday, four years after it was closed after United Nations observers fled from the fighting in the Syrian civil war.

"The Naseeb crossing is a vital lifeline for trade between the two brotherly countries Jordan and Syria through them to other Arab countries", said Jordan's government spokeswoman Jumana Ghunaimat.

Syrian state television also cited Interior Minister Mohammed al-Shaar as saying the border crossing and roads leading to it were being renovated.

The Syrian flag was raised at the Quneitra crossing between Syria and the Israeli-held Golan.

While the crossing was closed, Syria's only normally operating frontier crossing had been with Lebanon, which itself has no other functioning land borders.

Israel occupied the Golan Heights in 1967. Soon after its reopening, Syrian business delegations were seen using the crossing.

The border crossing that would be reopened is the al-Qa'im which is located in the southeast of Syria's eastern province of Deir al-Zour in the city of Abu Kamal.

It is an important step for the Syrian government's reconstruction and remaining efforts to reestablish control as the post was a key link not only for direct trade between the neighboring countries but also for longer-distance transit, which was a significant source of revenue.

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With the help of Russian Federation and Iran-backed militias, the Syrian regime has recently reassumed control of the two crossings following fierce battles with armed opposition groups that had held them for the last three years.

The UN force returned to the area after Syrian government forces, backed by Russian Federation, succeeded in recapturing territory near the Golan Heights and driving out armed militant groups from a "de-escalation zone".

The 22-member Arab League froze Syria's membership following the start of the civil war in 2011, which was followed by sanctions and the severing of diplomatic ties.

Near Syria's border with Iraq, a US military base has closed the main Damascus-Baghdad highway, though there is a smaller crossing at Albu Kamal further east that is presently open only for government or military traffic. The victory in southern Syria signaled the return of his forces to Daraa province where the uprising against him began seven years ago.

The UNDOF halted its operations in southern Syria in 2014 after the ultra-radical groups abducted UN peacekeepers in that area.

"We also call on Syria to take the necessary steps so UNDOF can safely and effectively deploy and patrol without interference", she continued.

Hundreds of people were taken by Daesh (ISIS) fighters from a displacement camp in east Syria during a militant counterattack against advancing US -backed forces, an activist group said Saturday.

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