The Coming Kavanaugh Court Doctrine: Democrats Are Unconstitutional

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Hundreds of protesters in and around the U.S. Capitol - many of whom were women - were arrested in the past week.

He was voted in by 50 votes to 48, handing Donald Trump a huge victory ahead of the midterms in November. Protesters have gathered there too to continue the demonstrations. On Thursday, almost 300 protesters, including comedian and actress Amy Schumer, were detained by Capitol Police during a demonstration.

In an interview shortly before the Senate is set to vote on confirming Kavanaugh, McConnell said GOP members of the Judiciary Committee made the decision in a meeting with two other Republicans who were at the time withholding their support, Senator Susan Collins of ME and Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

"They've always said the biggest thing a president can do is Supreme Court justice".

Meanwhile, another woman, Deborah Ramirez who is married to a technology entrepreneur of Indian descent, Vikram Shah, alleged that while they were students at Yale, Kavanaugh had exposed his genitals in front of her at a party they had been drinking at.

But his Senate confirmation hearing raised doubts about Kavanaugh's choirboy image and he will join the eight other justices with a cloud hanging over his head.

Political strategists in both parties suggest the GOP's enthusiastic embrace of Kavanaugh despite the allegations may have shifted the political landscape - at least temporarily - by injecting new energy into the most passionate Republican voters a month before the election.

"Truly, Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation is a low moment for the Senate, for the court, for the country".

Kavanaugh fought back against the accusations, denying them in angry and tearful testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee that was viewed live on television by around 20 million people.

Controversial US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was approved by a majority of the Senate on Saturday afternoon after weeks of tension in Washington.

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Because of the terms of a previous agreement between the Obama White House and the Senate Judiciary Committee, only senators and a limited number of staffers were allowed to see the FBI's report.

Trump ordered the probe, but later complained that Senate Democrats were just trying to waste time.

Mr Trump also said he was "100% certain" that the woman who had accused Mr Kavanaugh of sexual assault, Christine Blasey Ford, had named the wrong person.

Walking a fine line, some conceded that they believed Ford was telling the truth that she was attacked at the party, but did not think the attacker was Kavanaugh. Joe Manchin crossing the aisle and becoming the only Democrat to support Kavanaugh's nomination. Kavanaugh is now Trump's second nominee to be seated on the high court, and the Senate has approved more circuit court judges this session of Congress than any other. "I think we owed it him".

At just 53 years old, Kavanaugh could conceivably serve on the court - now evenly divided between liberals and conservatives - for decades, tilting it to the right.

After a bitter partisan fight that gripped the country, lawmakers backed Kavanaugh by 51 to 49 in a procedural vote that moved the Republican-controlled Senate toward a definitive decision on whether to confirm him.

He denied the allegations, but almost all Senate Democrats voted against his confirmation.

Kavanaugh would replace the retired Justice Anthony Kennedy, who was a swing vote on issues including abortion, campaign finance and same-sex marriage.

Gary Cameron / Reuters Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) speaks at a rally before the five conservatives on the Supreme Court struck down Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act in the Shelby County v. Holder case.

Collins said Saturday that crowdsourced funding targeting her was tantamount to "a bribe, or extortion". "I do not think we've done as thorough and fulsome a job of assessing the facts and the allegations as we should have".