Buhari Congratulates Brazil’s Bolsonaro On Election Victory

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It underlined its role in preventing "criminal and predatory exploitation" of Brazil's resources, and said "the national economy would suffer, especially agrobusiness, from possible reprisals by importing countries".

Beyond the joke, the United States and Brazil, the two most populous countries in the american continent, will now have at their head two impetuous presidents brought to power by the wave of populist and in tune on many foreign policy issues. "We can't go from a victory at the ballot box to chaos in Congress", Guedes told journalists.

The policies proposed by Brazil's new President, Jair Bolsonaro, threaten a human rights and environmental catastrophe with global implications. The previous left-wing party, the Working Party, was met with public disdain.

Bolsonaro, a legislator and former military officer, campaigned on his own version of Trump's "America First" slogan and eagerly embraces the term "fake news" to describe critical press coverage.

Bolsonaro himself was stabbed in the abdomen at a rally last month and will need to undergo surgery in mid-December to remove a colostomy bag before he can travel to Santiago and Washington.

Bolsonaro has vowed to turn up pressure on Venezuela's authoritarian leftist government to hold free elections that could stem the flow of refugees into neighbouring Brazil and Colombia, also governed by a conservative president. He says that Bolsonaro is "by far the most extremist leader now elected anywhere in the democratic world".

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"The fact Bolsonaro is already talking about reforms is a good sign", said economist Victor Candido of Guide Investimentos. Bolsonaro was referring to the hundreds of millions of reais the Brazilian government spends in advertising each year in local media outlets, mainly for promotions of state-run firms.

"While the market has reacted positively to the first-round result, uncertainty remains with regard to the pace and scope of fiscal reforms (including the social security reform) that can be implemented by the next administration in light of Brazil's large fiscal deficit and rising debt burden, and the heavy burden of mandatory spending", noted Shelly Shetty, senior director of sovereigns at Fitch Ratings.

The goal is to reduce by half some 29 ministries by combining others, such as Agriculture and Environment, said Deputy Onyx Lorenzoni, who may become Bolsonaro's next chief of staff. However, his praise of Brazil's former dictatorship and his comments on race, women and homosexuality have raised concern.

"To increase deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions is to leave each and every one of us more vulnerable to an increasing risk of climate extremes", said Carlos Rittl, executive secretary of the Brazilian Climate Observatory.

But Bolsonaro and Trump face fundamentally different backdrops, with the Brazilian leader elected in the wake of economic crisis.