Google Fi brings innovative wireless to iPhone

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Following on the previous term, if Fi service is paused for more than 7 days or cancelled within 120 days of activation, the value of the gift card will be charged to your Google Payments account.

Google notes that official "designed for Fi" devices will still have the best experience, such as the ability to "seamlessly switch between multiple cellular networks". That changes today, with Fi now open to "the majority" of phones-including iPhone.

Oh, and Google is dropping the "project" label.

If you sign up for Google Fi, there are a bunch of incentives. You won't be able to use Google Fi's VPN, for example.

As far as the plans are concerned, the company is offering unlimited domestic call and texts in the U.S. along with worldwide texts at just $20 every month. Use just 500MB? It will be $25. After that, any additional data becomes free of charge, though customers should expect to encounter slower 2G/3G speeds if they consume more than 15 GB within a billing period.

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Google Fi includes data coverage in 170 countries, spam protection, and data-only SIMs for your iPad or other device. These phones include special hardware and software to move effortlessly between Google Fi's networks and provide you with even more security and reliability through Fi's new enhanced network feature. Now, Google might bring similar technology to its own phones as early as next year. Moreover, if the purchase is more than $1000 also you will still be getting $1000 only not more than that. And the new service now supports iPhone and most Android phones, addressing Fi's only major drawback. Apple's devices are supported in a beta, though, so there may be some growing pains. And also ask yourself if you want to jump on a network run by one of the hungriest personal data scoffers on the planet.

Thankfully, no matter what phone you own, you still get Fi's other perks.

Before Wednesday's announcement, Google Fi only worked with a small number of Android phones: four LG and Moto phones, and Google-branded devices such as Pixel and Nexus phones.

Google's Project Fi wireless service first launched back in 2015, offering people in certain regions of the United States a new and unconventional alternative to traditional cellular service.

If you're a new customer, you have to port in your current personal phone number during sign up which must be now active.