How to enable Android Pie's new dark mode and save battery life

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Google has finally confirmed that dark mode does indeed save battery on Android smartphones.

This is because OLED screens aren't backlit like LCDs, with a uniform level of brightness lighting up all the pixels. And what is perhaps even more interesting here is that normal mode at 50-percent brightness is 93mA, while dark mode at 100-percent brightness is 96mA, showing that white mode at 50-percent brightness is nearly the same as dark mode at full brightness.

Google Maps in night mode caused the display's power usage to fall by 63 percent compared with normal mode.

While not as noticeable on phones with LCD screens where the entire display is backlit, the power savings from phones with OLED displays (i.e. Samsung phones, Pixels, iPhone X, XS, XS Max, etc.) is considerably greater. While all-white interfaces may look better to some, a dark mode is friendlier to your battery, your screen, and your eyes. But black has hardly any power draw - maximum brightness black uses about a third of the power consumed by maximum brightness white.

Dark mode essentially changes the overall colour theme of an operating system (OS) or applications to the colour black.

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Perhaps we'll see more apps getting the dark mode option in the near future. Now at 100-percent brightness, it's a much bigger gap, of around 60-percent. Google has acknowledged this, and the fact that its design language that is mainly focused on white is not ideal for preserving or prolonging battery life. If you're a developer, then it would be a good idea to work on a dark mode for your app, at least as a toggle.

Google's Android Dev Summit has been going on since Wednesday morning and was the site for Google's acknowledgement that foldable displays are coming and that Android will support them. Again in the Android N beta, we saw dark mode.

Tap on the toggle for "Dark theme" to enable it. From a list of options, select the black theme or any darker shade to suit your preference.

There are other, non-Google apps out there that do have dark modes, like Twitter.

This new information confirms that many already knows, showing that it is simple to save energy, using the interfaces that guarantee us the protection of the view.