Mississippi senator banking on boost from Trump rallies

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Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.) is shown at her desk in her office in July 2018.

Hyde-Smith campaign spokeswoman Melissa Scallan, when asked to comment on the report, attacked the "liberal media", saying in a statement, "They have stooped to a new low, attacking her entire family and trying to destroy her personally instead of focusing on the clear differences on the issues between Cindy Hyde-Smith and her far-left opponent".

It will be an uphill battle for Espy, as President Donald Trump won MS in 2016 by about 18 points.

Hyde-Smith has been heavily criticized this month for making racist comments on the Confederate South.

A Democrat running for U.S. Senate in MS says he would bring experience of "diversity" and "inclusion" to the job, and he thinks the Republican he's trying to unseat has a background lacking in those qualities. Hyde-Smith apologized for the "hanging" comments during a debate earlier this week and dubbed the voting suppression comments a "joke". Cindy Hyde-Smith, who is in a runoff Tuesday against Democrat Mike Espy.

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Ayanna Pressley, who was just elected as the first black congresswoman in the state of MA, was in Meridian campaigning with Espy. Thad Cochran, who stepped down for health reasons. The former congressman was agriculture secretary under President Bill Clinton.

Hyde-Smith says she wants more state and local control of public education, "while recognizing the role of the federal government to support educational achievement across the country". Trump, who will attend rallies for Hyde-Smith this week in Tupelo and Biloxi, continues to have very strong approval ratings in Mississippi.

MLB, which made the donation Friday, three weeks after her comment, request Sunday that she return the money. Hyde-Smith has had several stumbles, defending herself after a photograph emerged of her wearing a replica Confederate soldier's hat, as well as a videotape of her praising a supporter by saying she would sit on the front row of a public hanging with him.

"If he invited me to a public hanging, I'd be on the front row", she said November 2 about a political supporter. Jones said he has been "an independent voice for the state of Alabama", and Espy would be the same for Mississippi. Segregation was not openly acknowledged at the school, she said. The same progressive blogger who published the video later published one in which she told a small group at Mississippi State University that suppressing the votes of students at other colleges was "a great thing".

On immigration, Trump defended the USA response to the border clash on Sunday, when US agents fired tear gas at migrants, some of whom had attempted to climb through fencing and wire separating the countries. "She read that apology, and I saw her do that". "That means that MS over party, MS over person - I don't care how powerful that person might be".