Pompeo defends Trump plan to send to troops to southern border

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"According to information we received, Turkey will be among the eight countries allowed by the U.S.to continue importing Iranian oil, but we have no further details yet", Donmez told reporters at parliament.

Pompeo said two of the jurisdictions, which he did not identify, will wind down Iranian oil imports to zero in "weeks".

"The maximum pressure we have imposed has caused the rial (currency) to drop dramatically, [President Hassan] Rouhani's cabinet is in disarray, and the Iranian people are raising their voice even louder against a corrupt and hypocritical regime", Pompeo said.

Along with the sanctions that will be reimposed on Monday, US President Donald Trump on Friday reimposed a second set of penalties on Iran that were withdrawn under the 2015 nuclear deal.

These economic sanctions are just a part of the U.S. government's total effort to change the behaviour of the Iranian regime, he said.

"We are entering a very crucial period for the oil market", the International Energy Agency said in a September report.

On the conference call, Treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin responded to these criticisms by calling it "misinformation" and stating the administration would indeed be imploring SWIFT to cut off designated Iranian institutions.

President Donald Trump and his band of enablers are well aware that a so-called blue wave could come on Election Day next Tuesday, no matter how many voter suppression tactics that the GOP can manage to pull off.

Last month, Iran's foreign minister, Javad Zarif, accused Washington of being "addicted" to sanctions.

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Unusually, Pompeo did not name the eight, other than to say the European Union is not among them.

French parliamentarian Delphine O, recently back from a trip to Iran, said she did not hear any threats, veiled or otherwise, from her Iranian interlocutors to leave the JCPOA.

Companies that buy Iranian crude after the sanctions take effect may be cut off from the United States financial system. "The other six will import at greatly reduced levels".

As a result, sanctions lifted by the U.S. and others in 2016 are now being unilaterally re-imposed by the United States.

While the U.S. softened its crackdown on the Middle East's third-biggest oil producer on Friday, allowing some trade to continue, exports are already slumping.

Pompeo said the U.S. would grant exemptions to eight countries that have pledged to or have already cut back on purchases of petroleum from Iran, which has long depended on crude exports to power its economy.

The three biggest European powers are co-signatories, along with Russian Federation and China, to an global 2015 deal with Iran that reined in its nuclear work in exchange for the lifting of most worldwide sanctions on Tehran.

"During 2012-2015, when the global community was relatively united in pressuring Iran, Iran's economy shrank by 9 percent per year, crude oil exports fell from about 2.5 million barrels per day to about 1.1 mbd, and Iran was unable to repatriate more than $120 billion in reserves held in banks overseas". It has also sought a carve out from curbs on ports for Chabahar port in Iran which it has helped develop and uses as gateway to Afghanistan and Central Asia.