Pop singer Beyonce lends star power to Texas Democrat O'Rourke

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The Associated Press and other news outlets project Cruz will win re-election, in a victory that crushes Democratic hopes to retake the Senate with the help of the charismatic three-term congressman from El Paso.

"With the hours ticking down before polls open on Election Day, the rivals for Texas' coveted U.S. Senate seat made a final pitch to supporters, the fates of Sen".

Colbert noted that Triumph had been unsuccessful in confronting Senator Ted Cruz during the 2016 Republican presidential primary, but Triumph's luck was a bit better this time around.

With Conan O'Brien's late-night show now on hiatus, Stephen Colbert chose to steal one of his rival's main correspondents for some last-minute election coverage, deploying Triumph the Insult Comic Dog to cover the Texas Senate race between Republican incumbent Ted Cruz and Democratic challenger Beto O'Rourke.

What's more exciting than voting in the midterm elections? The most recent Emerson poll (October 30) showing Cruz at +3, and the latest Quinnipiac (October 28) showing +5, the RealClearPolitics average is giving Cruz a Cruz +6.8 over O'Rourke.

The race was the most expensive in the U.S. Senate's history and the first to surpass $100 million in total fundraising.

The Lone Star State has been reliably red for decades.

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Even that was a shock for Cruz, who won 10-plus contests during the 2016 Republican presidential primary and has always been considered the most powerful and popular conservative in a state full of them.

"What do you have that Ted Cruz doesn't have?"

O'Rourke's campaign drew support from various celebrity figures, including singer Beyoncé, National Basketball Association star LeBron James and country music legend Willie Nelson.

Meanwhile, a comedy bit put the candidates in the national spotlight yet again.

Then, finally, after years of waiting, Triumph finally came face-to-face with Cruz at a Republican rally.

The last time we saw Triumph the Insult Comic Dog in action, in a 2016 Election special from back when we thought that comedy mattered, he was lamenting the fact that he couldn't get an interview with Ted Cruz. "Just like Trump did to you".