Without disclosing evidence, Republican candidate for Georgia governor accuses Democrats of hacking

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Clarke said the election problems underscore a need to address systemic issues, particularly barriers to minority voters.

The accusation from Kemp's office came as President Donald Trump was visiting Georgia to campaign for Kemp. It also asks that the Secretary of State's Office remove from its website any reference to allegations against Georgia's Democratic Party.

Kemp pushed back Monday against concerns that his call for an investigation is politically motivated.

"Someone was making a good-faith effort to determine if there's a vulnerability, and he's coming after them and saying it's hacking", said the attorney, David Cross. The group of twenty voters-ten Abrams supporters and ten Kemp supporters-said that an ad featuring Abrams hosting a large family dinner at her house conveyed a sense of humanity and tradition.

Other Georgia Democrats called the investigation a "political stunt".

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The contest between Kemp, who now sits as Georgia's secretary of state, and Abrams, who is vying to become the country's first black female governor, had already become a flashpoint for allegations of voter suppression.

Speaking of issues, a win by Kemp will tell Georgia's traditionally Chamber of Commerce Republican Party to leave their suits and ties at home for the next election.

At her first campaign stop of the day in Savannah, Abrams slammed Kemp as a "bald-faced liar" who abused his powers as the sitting secretary of state when he suggested over the weekend, without offering evidence, that the Georgia Democratic Party tampered with the state's online voter database. He told ABC News on Sunday that he also contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation - in an email exchange he shared with ABC News - and an outside counsel for Kemp on Saturday. The official declined to say if the agency was investigating.

Obama swooped in to boost the Democrats, and media star Oprah Winfrey visited Georgia on behalf of Abrams.

Georgia's centrally managed elections system lacks a verifiable paper trail that can be audited in case of problems. "It's another failure of Kemp's office to actually have a secure election system in the state".

Abrams, a 44-year-old Yale Law graduate and former state legislative leader, has run as an unapologetic liberal as she looks to establish Georgia as a legitimate two-party battleground ahead of the 2020 presidential campaign. They've freaked out about voter fraud to invalidate the results of elections before, and now maybe they'll agree to acknowledge the conclusions of several USA intelligence agencies and decide that hacking is a problem if and when the election doesn't go conservatives' way. One would allow an attacker to inject malicious code into the voter registration site that could spy on visitors or steal or alter data. Kemp counters that he's following state and federal law and that it's Abrams and her affiliated voting advocacy groups trying to help people, including noncitizens, cast ballots illegally.