Nationwide Internet Outage Affects CenturyLink

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He said the 911 lines were not affected, but the internet was down at the dispatch center and phone services also were spotty.

Residential customers have also tweeted some harsh words, mostly about the lack of updates and customer service from CenturyLink.

CenturyLink customers around the country began experiencing outages Thursday, which caused problems for municipalities like Salt Lake City, whose government apologized to residents who were unable to reach various departments due to telephone and internet outages.

If you can not locate your police station's emergency phone number, call the State 911 Department at 508-872-2508, tell the dispatcher the exact location of the emergency and the dispatcher will transfer you to the correct police department.

But while the US ISP is working on restoring service, things may not be going as smooth as the company was hoping for.

Pai instructed the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau to investigate the cause and impact of the CenturyLink outage, specifically looking into the effect it had on other telecom providers' 911 service.

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The Federal Communication Commission announced Friday afternoon it had launched an investigation into the outages.

KIRO's Gary Horcher at the King County Emergency Communications Center says millions of people in the Pacific Northwest and beyond have been dealing with this outage since early Thursday morning.

A widespread 911 outage was reported late Thursday for parts of North Texas including Collin, Ellis and Rockwall counties.

The shutdown affected some state agencies in Idaho, including the Department of Education's office phones and the Department of Correction's inmate phone system. The outage has continued into Friday, prompting FCC chairman Ajit Pai to issue a statement calling for an investigation into the company's response.

Although CenturyLink tweeted more than 13 times about the service disruption, the company did not provide specifics on what went wrong or how it was fixing the problem.