Netflix Hilariously Announces "FRIENDS" Will Not Be Leaving in 2019

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Since Warner Media owns the rights to "Friends", it makes flawless sense that the hit sitcom will be moved to Warner Media's own streaming service, which is set to launch in the fourth quarter of 2019.

To this day, Netflix is the sole platform in which Friends can be streamed (although it remains widely syndicated on real TV).

Anyway, you have until January 1st to rewatch any Friends episodes on Netflix before the show makes its PIVOT to points unknown.

However, there's evidence there may be truth behind the "rumour" as Warner Bros.

Adding to the complexity is that despite WarnerMedia's stance on Friends, the company's chief executive, John Stankey, has also said that WarnerMedia shows will indeed migrate back from other streaming platforms once WarnerMedia launches its apps. As of Monday afternoon, the expiration date has been removed from the Friends show page, which appeared to have been a glitch. And while Netflix squashed the cancellation rumors for now, it is widely believed the show will eventually move on to a streaming service to be launched by WarnerMedia next year, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

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Granted, Disney can afford to cling more devoutly to exclusivity, given how many beloved brands it has under its umbrella, and how faithfully they all adhere to the same family-friendly category.

Don't expect Friends to be gone from a streaming service for long.

It's one more example of the battle over content as more services enter the streaming war.

"Friends" aficionados took to social media to complain about Netflix's potential loss of the show and threatened to cancel their subscriptions - something that routinely happens when popular content leaves any service.