HTC teases wireless 'Vive Cosmos' VR headset at CES 2019

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But the promise of future smartphone connection teases a truly mobile headset, one that also takes advantage of the new Vive Reality System hub interface. It also unveiled the Vive Reality System - a re-imagination of Vive core software that includes a virtual world called Origin for socialising, video viewing and game playing. Though it is designed for PCs, in the video teaser you see a smartphone in use for some objective. Additionally, the Vive Reality System seems to be a VR desktop project for its headsets. It appears to feature tracking cameras on both the front and sides.

We didn't get any real specs, regardless.

HTC also outlined strategic partnerships created to bring a seamless VR experiences to its audience, naming Mozilla as one key company it is teaming up with. It's possible that the release of the Cosmos could lead to a further discount of the Vive, making high-quality VR accessible to more people, but we'll have to wait and see what HTC has planned. CES 2019: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060, RTX 2080 Graphics Cards Officially Announced For Laptops at Trade Show. The integrated eye tracking on the Vive Pro Eye gives users new levels of accessibility, including gaze-oriented menu navigation and removing the need for controllers.

"Many industries are adopting XR technologies for a wide range of uses, including training simulations, virtual concierge services, enhanced online shopping experiences, virtual tours, and more", said Kyle Roche, General Manager, Amazon Sumerian, AWS.

Eye tracking also brings foveated rendering, which increases quality in the portion of the images where your eye is actually looking. The Vive Pro Eye, meanwhile, will launch in the second quarter at an as-yet unconfirmed price.

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That's how it's been for nearly three years now. Players will only have to pay a certain price to enable access to more than 500 games at launch. That's how it's functioned up until now, at least.

HTC is claiming that it's added over 1,000 titles since the last CES but not all these games are available to all users - that's why Vive is introducing Viveport Infinity - described as "the Netflix of VR". No more picking and choosing. VR launchers were a really exciting feature two or three years ago, but in 2019?

At first I thought that was the whole story, a non-issue at best.

But HTC made a big show of the Vive Cosmos being the first device to run Vive Reality - so it's not just a launcher for the Viveport.