Closeup of mint essential oils and candle, aromatherapy setting.Selective focus
Closeup of mint essential oils and candle, aromatherapy setting.

I am new to aromatherapy and since I have migraines I have been very wary of it due to scent sensitivity and exactly that as a migraine trigger. But I have been equally curious about it as well since it seems like it could be very soothing and a great complementary treatment to try. I know this because certain scents like ones I have from migraine balms are very pleasant to me. But also I am very new to the process. So I had to dig around one of my go to sites to look for some helpful migraine essential oils to give me a start.

Health central recommended essential oils for migraines is what I looked up to give me a general idea of what to give a go for this new process I was going to try out. I’m just listing a few that intrigue me right now given this is new to me. Here is a article on Healthcentral about aromatherapy that references more essential oils as well Migraine and Complementary Therapies – Aromatherapy

Bergamont- has a light citrus scent and is said to help with stress, fatigue, tension and anxiety. 

Clary sage- Is great for stress reduction. Often used to fight depression and can be combined with lavender. 

Eucalyptus radiata- Less strong than other forms of eucalyptus and can help with migraine congestion. To be honest this one caught my attention because I enjoy the smell of eucalyptus a great deal.

Jasmine- Used for pain relief, hormone balancing and depression. 

Lavender- Which in general is not a scent I enjoy but I think I’ll give it a go with the sage. Good for easing tension, stress and sleep and head pain.

Peppermint- Who doesn’t enjoy peppermint to be honest? Helps with nausea, which I really need help with, and improving concentration.

So I will be experimenting with these. I just ordered some of them and a few I have already. We will see how the venture goes.


hands of a woman meditating in a yoga pose on the grass toned w
I think this will be lovely to meditate with. 

Which pain would you want gone?

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A question came up among-st my friends in the migraine community and chronic illness community. Well friends that are in that community. And one had been asked if she would give up one condition she had or migraines and she picked the other condition. Another commended she would rather give up another condition as well.

I have Fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, depression… and some well manage conditions. Of the three of course I would be rid of them all if I could but to choose I would choose the chronic migraines.

Here is the thing, I have had depression on and off my entire life since I was a teen. It strikes in bouts. It can be severe, moderate or mild. It can cause serious problems like in university my inability to want to eat, sleeping all day long and having a hard to getting to my finals… and flunking out. I took a year off to get that depression sorted. Because the Paxil he put me on made me worse not better.

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Which pain would you want gone?

Botox happening soon


Facial Injection For Women
Clearly getting BOTOX cosmetically but you get the point. Needles in the face.

I am getting to Botox soon. I will Be done. I don’t effing care if it takes three rounds to have any potential effects. I want to start now to see if I get those effects.

Just have to get the damn insurance company sorted out with its pre-authorization to authorize me to use it for medical purposes. Which if it is late then my appoint will have to be back up further. One way or another it is Happening.

Here are some of the side effects you might want to watch out for :

The injections are slightly prickly or stingy and take about 5 minutes to complete.

It is possible, though rare, to have an acute allergic response so you should stay in the clinic for several minutes after the first set of injections.

Less than one in ten patients experience each of the following side effects:-

ā  Worsening migraine. This can begin within a day or two of the injections, usually lasts a small number of days. It can be treated with triptans and/or regular naproxen 250 mg or 375 mg three times daily after meals.

ā  Rash, itching

ā  As with all injections; pain, bruising, bleeding or infection where the injection was given are a possibility

1.       Drooping of eyebrows or eye lids. This begins after a couple or a few weeks and can last for a small number of weeks.

2.       Muscle weakness, pain, cramp, stiffness or tightness

3.       Weakness and pain in the neck. This begins after a couple or a few weeks and can last for a small number of weeks. It can be treated with regular naproxen as in (1) above.

Less than 1 in 100 may experience:

ā  Difficulty in swallowing

ā  Skin pain

ā  Jaw pain

ā  Swollen eyelid


If you have any difficulty in breathing, swallowing or speaking after receiving Botox contact your GP immediately.

If you experience hives, swelling including the face or throat, wheezing, feeling faint and shortness of breath please also contact your GP immediately.National migraine center

I never experienced any of that when I went. However it did make me feel like crap. Immediately more pain and a wicked migraine. And that seems to be common. That stick needles into a head and oddly enough it causes so aggravation and pain. The migraines don’t agree with it a go a little nuts. The day of botox, isn’t a pleasant one.

Just how effective are we looking at here? Everyone benefits? Only 25% or is it 75?

The goal is not to become completely free of headache or migraine; but to improve quality of life, and to convert migraine from chronic to episodic.

About one in four patients do not respond; one in four respond well to the first or second set of injections, and half need more than two sets of injections to get a good response.  Studies show show that 47% of patients had a 50% or greater reduction in the number of days with headache.

The biological effect of botulinum toxin on nerves takes several days or a few weeks to work. You should not expect chronic migraine to improve properly in less than 4 weeks. Some patients do not start to improve until after their second set of injections which is given 12 weeks after the first set of injections.National migraine center

1 in 4 patients do Not respond. Which would be me last time. And why every neuro since believes I won’t again. Other take time… and that is the category I might be in since I only ever did one round of noresponse. Anyway 47% get a 50% reduction in the number of migraine days. That impresses me. Hell at this point I would take a significant reduction in intensity.

Botox happening soon

Migraine balm

So I have used many a product for migraine balms and I Have many a product around the house. But This one I use every freaking day I love it so much. It is an oil and you only use a few drops. It can be used for many different things and even added to bath water. 

I have used different sorts of migraine balms. Some with menthol and some with eucalyptus, lavender and things of that nature. I prefer the stronger ones. That sort of strong tangible menthol touch. Some are goopy and make your face sticky… which I rather do not like. Some are more soothing, lotions but just do not seem strong enough. I find the oils rub in just right, with no residue and are stronger.

The product I have been using is Hagina Japanese mint oil. I use it on my forehead, temples and along my upper jaw area and my neck. So soothing. Although if I am also doing ice on the neck then I avoid the neck area. It is by far the best product I have used topically for migraines. I mean, not like it is aborting it or anything magical like that, but it is soothing in just the right way especially when I cannot take medications that day or medications fail to take all the pain away. I especially like it just before I leave the house when I know the pain is going to be all hyped up.

My spouse found it for me at a local health food store along with another one that is too mild. He wasn’t sure which one to pick up so I got both. The other one is more aromatherapy and doesn’t do anything at all and sometimes can cause issues in-itself due to scent sensitivity. This one is minty for sure, but I never have an issue with that scent. And the sensation is just perfect for me.


Not recommended for full body massage.

Heating & Penetrating effects for Spot Treatment in massage, helps promote blood circulation, chest rub for chest and head colds, relieves tight muscles, cramps. Also, helps relieve rheumatic pain, helps treat sprains, swellings, dislocations, sport injuries, headaches.

A few drops massaged into a specific area:

  • Helps promote circulation.

  • Relieves tight muscles and muscle cramps.

  • Useful for injury rehab when treating sprains, strains, swelling and dislocations.

  • Headache relief when massaged on to the temples and the back of the neck.

  • Rub on the chest for head and chest cold relief.

  • Sinus congestion relief add a few drops into a basin of hot water, inhale while keeping eyes closed.

Migraine balm

A positive treatment turn out for MAV

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Here is a post about MAV (Vestibular migraines) I made.

I fell going up the stairs today. I had felt a little wobbly and dizzy. Off-kilter as it was. Then just started with the internal vertigo and somehow ended up planted forward on my hands and knees. I got up and began to go up and slammed into the wall, which likely accounts for how I fell to begin with… as soon as you get that falling to the side sensation your body ‘compensates’ poorly by flinging you in some random direction which usually makes the whole situation worse. Needless the say I was rather carefully holding the wall on the remainder of the climb.

This is the best imagine I have seen to show a person what it feels like to walk with vertigo. When you get a drop attack… the ground feels like it is gone beneath on leg and you just fall in that direction. And this is sort of the mild version of that type of vertigo… the ground feels like moosh. Like every step you take your feet are sinking into the ground just a little, or a lot, and the ground is shifting a bit as you do. So it is very unstable. And you can lurch and stagger but either way, you are careful when you walk. And it is common for me to get this also when lying down so I feel this dropping sensation in a constant pulse… drop, stable, drop, stable. Drives me nuts and impossible to sleep like that.

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A positive treatment turn out for MAV

The Nausea and vomiting



It has not been a fun couple of days for me. Migraine wise it has been around an 8. And the nausea was rolling and rolling. My cat tossed up on the floor. And when I tried to clean it up… well I rushed to the bathroom and threw up. Three times before I managed to finish the task. Needless to say my stomach was ‘unsettled’. And that stayed into this morning where the nausea continued with the migraine. More vomiting. Zofran a medication for anti-nausea simply not cutting it. I went into work 2 hours late, which made me feel cruddy. And then three up three times while actually at work, but not as much, if that means anything.

The last six months my nausea has been insane. To the point of being really unable to eat and fighting to keep things down. No appetite. Losing weight. And it disturbed my doctor so she ran tests but they came up fine so one can only conclude a severe bout of migraines that happened to have severe nausea. That tapered off though so it isn’t as bad now. But it could be. We can get horrible nausea and vomiting with any migraine. With every migraine. We simply do not know.

When I was younger I had this quite severely as well. it was quite common. I would get violently sick. Lose everything in my stomach and just keep vomiting until I was gagging. But it meant medications like triptans and anti-nausea meds had no chance at working. So that is when they changed me over to the melting triptans. Give them a chance to do something before the vomiting kicked in. Eventually after some years this became less of a symptom and in kicked the diarrhea instead… not exactly an awesome trade.

It seems cyclical with symptoms. Rising and falling and just messing with us. A co-worker asked, due to my missing work due to all this getting sick business… if I should even Be working. As I am Already part time. I don’t even know. I really don’t. I try so damn hard but I can’t prevent violent nausea and vomiting. Or vertigo. Or 9 level pain. Or blinding auras.

I can say, this is one of the worst symptoms. It is so vile. I loathe getting sick so much. I hate that the nausea itself completely steals my appetite such that when I start to eat… yeah, don’t even want it anymore. Food becomes this necessity and not a pleasure. I have been drinking meal replacements at lunch because I know I am not eating enough so a liquid diet is better than nothing.

The Nausea and vomiting