June is Migraine Awareness Month

Here are some facts to get the ball rolling …
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All of those apply to me. I have definitely missed work on severe migraine days and had impaired functionality on the other migraine days I do go to work. It is a constant battle working with migraines. A battle of how much pain can you tolerate and how much can you function through. I’ve missed a few days in the last month.

Migraines don’t cause too many problems in my relationship other than the stress of me not being able to make as much money anymore… as I had to go down to part-time. And the stress of not being able to keep social obligations, but generally my spouse will go by himself and is fine with that. We have sorted a lot out. But he does more than his share and that is always a problem in a relationship.

I have migraines daily so more than once a week.

I have missed social obligations and family events. Missed planned events, parties, birthday parties but I try real hard to make it to every holiday, no matter the brain pain.

I think we all have had severe disability from a migraine requiring bed rest and restricting activity.

I have gone to the ER for status migraines, not that it ever does any good, since the ER here has no idea what a status migraine is or how to treat it.

So if you look at this… a lot of impact from social lives, family, relationship to work. Every aspect of our lives is impacted by the attacks and the pain. Which is why our quality of life suffers do to the assault of the attacks.

Yet, we still need to raise awareness because many people just do not understand that migraines are neurological, that they have many symptoms aside from the headache and that they can become quite complex and frequent complicating treatment a great deal.


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