Migraine Awareness 1: #MHAM #CDNmigraine

75% of the world’s adults had a #Headache or #Migraine in the last year. 

75% of the world's adults had a #Headache or #Migraine in the last year. #MHAM

And for me? I had 365 headaches and migraines in the last year.

But the fact exemplifies that this isn’t rare, while the funding… that is scarce. Also makes you wonder how it is more people do not comprehend this pain and this disability. But then again there is a difference between low episodic migraines and, high episodic and chronic migraines. That difference is impact. Low episodic has a lower impact and so it is harder to relate to those that have quite a high impact from their disease, even if you have in fact experienced the pain before. I have had people say who have had migraines one a few months or so.. ‘I wouldn’t know how to live with getting them all the time. The pain is excruciating.’ And the answer simply is you make room for the pain, you learn, because you Must.



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