The look you get when you say can’t take NSAIDs


The look I get at the ER for anything I go in for when I tell them I cannot take NSAIDs is beginning to get on my nerves. No I am not a crackhead. No I am not a drug-seeker in the sense I am wildly looking to ride the high roller-coaster ride. I AM looking for treatment. And I Happen to have a drug sensitivity to NSAIDs.

The irony of it is I never had this drug sensitivity when I was younger. A doctor gave it to me because she didn’t listen to me. I happened to be off triptans due to the side effects I get and my doctor put me on Toradol pills. They caused nasty cramping pain and diarrhea to the extent I really began to have problems using them at all. So she switched me to Arthrotec. I had less cramping pain and still had diarrhea. So I said I am still having this issue. I think she also thought I was looking for the painkillers… so she said those side effects will diminish. So off I went and kept taking it. Until the blood. I went back and said, yeah, well I think the whole bleeding out my butt is unusual. I was put on a ulcer medication.

I switched doctors as well being as I was ticked she didn’t listen to me. Anyway, after I went off the ulcer medication and was on another NSAID same symptoms. Was taken off of it. Tried OTC same symptoms. Every NSAID, mild, coated, OTC… same symptoms. Even Toradol shots from the ER now caused sharp jabbing pains and diarrhea. Even years later I try OTC Motrin and still the same situation. Regret it every time, just checking to see if the situation is still in ‘effect’

So my new doc said I developed a drug sensitivity. Fine. But go into the ER and say you cannot take NSAIDs and also aspirin by the way… and you get that damn Look. I want to say ‘Hey you guys caused this. It isn’t going to be fun when I get the arthritis coming my way when I am older, runs in my family and I predisposed to. Think I am going to Enjoy the fact I can’t take the one good thing for That? No. So just suck it up and tell me what sort of treatment will help me here.’

It depends on what I am there for but the last few times have been falls from MAV vertigo so I have simply cut them off from saying anything stupid and said ‘Can I recommend a solution?’ And when they say yes. I say, “I can take NSAIDs in cream form if you think that would help in this situation. I just cannot, at all, digest them.”

It calms the dumbasses down a bit.

Frankly, to be honest, I also want to tell them NSAIDs come with side effects which I did experience and caused my sensitivity to them. They are not the perfect damn solution to everything they think it is now.


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