There is no Cure #MHAM #CDNmigraine

There is no cure for #clusterheadaches or #Migraine.

There is no cure for migraines. Let’s be upfront about that. Don’t post cure sites. I am tired of it. To be honest treatment for chronic migraines is difficult enough. I am pretty tired of posts about internet and fad treatments that are generally called ‘cures’. I’m sorry but maybe they do work for a migraine but with chronic migraines most actual doctor recommended treatments have failed. I doubt a handful of almonds or Gatorade is going to do the trick. Even together. Even if I made the gross green smoothy with Gatorade and almonds.

You know what I like to do for acute treatment? Triptans. When I can use them, that is what I do. Triptans. Made for acute treatment of migraines. And when I can’t? I use ice and migraine balms and meditation and I suffer. Because that is what people with chronic migraines do a lot of. Suffer. And trying to find ways to make that all right. Trying to find ways to cope with that. And people flashing their ‘cures’ frankly is insulting and ticks us off. If it were so easy. Damn, if it were so easy.

So there is no cure, currently. If you find something claiming that… for some crapton fee… it is bull. There just isn’t a cure. Maybe someday. Who knows. We have some great treatments coming down the pipeline that I am excited about… emphasis on treatments… and they will likely, if approved, make a significant difference in our lives. I hope. Great things were also said about botox back in the day and then they changed the stats on that later on to sound not Quite as impressive as they had made it sound initially. Initially it was something like this: 75% of people will have a response and 50% of those people will have a 100% reduction in their migraines for the duration. It was something like that. And it sounded like you were going to get some response and likely a damn good one. I didn’t respond at all. And then later studies demonstrated that it was likely to reduce overall migraines by one a month or reduce intensity. By one. So instead of 30 a month I would get 29. Yay. Slightly less impressive there. But I have not paid attention to the new stats since it did nothing for me. Nevertheless people do get great results from it so it is a feasible option for chronic migraines. Just saying sometimes when they say awesome things about new medications it isn’t quite so awesome a year or two after it comes out. Or some horrific side effect crops up. Oh, yes, may cause permanent brain damage. Ooops.

Not cures though. Treatments. Just like the 100 preventatives off-label we try to help reduce frequency or intensity of our migraines. Best case scenario they look for in a preventative is 50% reduction. So in my case being daily… a perfect preventive, which I have never experienced, would reduce my migraines to around 15 a month. So still chronic. But I would Totally take that action over what I have going on now. People sometimes think when they are first put on these meds that they are supposed to be way more effective than they are capable of being. 50% reduction is best case and that best case when you think about it is pretty impressive. Imagine 50% less migraines. I can’t. I wish though.

So we would love a cure. Because what we have now is preventatives that best case work to reduce migraines 50%… but as I said, I’ve never experienced that. And triptans we can only take a maximum of 3 days a week, which isn’t so great if you have migraine 7 days a week. And rescue meds, that doctors due to the so called opiate epidemic are in a tizzy about prescribing. That is our treatment. 3 days treated with triptans that may work, may not. 4 days of nothing but hope and a prayer for the suffering we have to manage ourselves. And damn trial and error for finding a preventative that does Something to intensity or frequency.

Trust me, if there was a cure…We would be On that like flies on honey.



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