5 docs for migraine diagnosis #MHAM #CDNmigraine

Most people see up to 5 doctors before an accurate #Migraine diagnosis. #MHAM
Most people see up to 5 doctors before an accurate #Migraine diagnosis. #MHAM

I actually find this stat surprising. It didn’t take me long to get diagnosed with migraine once I mentioned it. I believe this is because when I mentioned it I was getting straight up textbook migraine with aura. You could literally check the typical symptoms off one by one. And the aura was the typical scintillating scotoma you get if you look up migraine aura. This was prior to my aura becoming a persistent migraine aura and becoming quite varied. Prior to my migraine associated vertigo, now called vestibular migraines. So it was pretty clear these were migraines with aura and not, say, sinus headaches.

Sinus headaches are a common misdiagnosis because we do get sinus symptoms with migraines. And not everyone gets auras. So that complicates the diagnosis quite a bit.

And my menstrual related migraines didn’t get diagnosed to quite a bit later because even I didn’t think they were migraines. I thought they were related to FM and bad PMS. Because they lasted for Days. And I had no idea at the time that was a typical pattern for that type of migraine. Start three days prior and then last about three days in. It was quite right on the mark when I realized it and then mentioned it to my neuro, but since I had no idea I just endured it and didn’t mention it. Because with FM that is what you do… just suck it up.

And I had auras when I was younger that never got diagnosed because not once did I ever mention them to a doctor. Never even occurred to me. Yes, I thought it was a weird ocular event. And, yes, I did ensure my yes were physically good. But other than that once I was ensured my Eyes were fine I never delved further than that. You can’t very well get diagnosed with something if you don’t mention it. I had some health issues when I was younger and was always seeing the doctor, so a little illumination around people was not the top of my list as it were.

So really the first migraine I had that was actually a migraine with aura… well it surprised me with its intensity and aura intensity (different than the specific auras I was getting when I was younger). So I specifically went to the doctor about it. He asked me the questions to differentiate migraines from other headache disorders and as I said I checked all the right boxes. I got my first prescription for triptans, which back then, were such a magical pill. Maybe they didn’t work 100% all the time and, yes, I have always had unpleasant side effects with them but it astonished me that such pain could be eradicated by them.



2 thoughts on “5 docs for migraine diagnosis #MHAM #CDNmigraine

  1. I know during my 3 month status migraine with persistent I don’t know how I held on. I feel you and your struggles. What we deal with day to day when migraines are active is almost too much to bear. Working with active headaches is incredibly difficult. I was chronic daily for most of last year, and working. My auras were also bad, this time last year I had to get off the road for aura time like every afternoon. It was arduous, and I don’t know if I would have been able to continue if I hadn’t been started on Lamictal and the auras and migraines began to clear.

    I’m glad aura, even though in this terrible way, is getting some attention. In every study we have more neurological involvement (no surprise) and poorer outcomes. Hopefully the medicine will soon follow and pay us some mind.

    I blog the research on migraine and aura at http://existential.rip. I am also slowly trying to transition over to some advocacy work. I am blogrolling you now! And hope to stay in touch.


    1. Your right we do seem to have the poorer outcomes and risk factors as well. Hopefully research will catch up! Glad to find your blog. I have added you to my list as well!


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