I belong to a migraine support group called Migraineurs’ Hideout which has been a great place for me to get support since it started. This year we had a Secret Santa. And my Secret Santa, who runs the group, got me a few things actually. However, one pertinent to this blog and my Page. Because look at this hoodie! It has my Migraineur Mutterings & Musings logo on it! She also got me a steel mug with the logo from my other Page engraved on it.

You literally cannot image my pleasure when I opened this present to find these personalized gifts. I thought it was the most thoughtful and creative idea ever. I rather wish I was such an awesome gift picker myself. Sadly, I really am not. This was perfection.

Actually I will show you the steal cup as well.


And that is the logo for Making Invisible Disabilities Visible. That she etched herself. I thought pretty damn cool.


I have to say since it was a bad vertigo day, just getting a present in the mail made my day. And such a well thought out one meant a lot to me.


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