Poem: I tried

So I had a horrible migraine stretch and I tried everything I could to temper the migraine. Nada. Nothing worked. I tried it again. And nothing. In times like these, a poem is called for.

I tried


I tried ice

And everything nice.

I tried magnesium oil

And a hat of aluminum foil.


I tried every supplement known to man,

And an internet cure recommended by Stan.

I tried Butterbur,

Thanks for the heart murmur.


I mindfully meditated,

And nothing eradicated.

This migraine is here to stay,

No, I can’t go out and play.


Here in my cave I’ll hide

I love you darkness, I sighed.

Covers pulled over my head,

Until this is over, I’m in bed.


Poem: Migraine

migraine poems4.png

This poem I simply call Migraine.

Lights waved and danced in my eyes,

Numbness trailed a cold line down my face.

How the migraines makes the senses lie,

But that is but a taste.

The pain struck like a bolt from the sky.

Light became so sharply insane.

Sound so sharp, even a sigh.

The world itself adding to my throbbing pain.


I wrote it quickly to go with the double exposure image I made. As a result, I like the first stanza better than the second. I might have to work on it more. Fine tune it.

Poem: Madness #WSPD

A poem I wrote after my first suicide attempt. Keep in mind I refer to madness as the fact we are expected to endure and function through this pain essentially untreated.

That Night

    The world was silent and still

Madness reigned and ruled

Pain echoed through my soul

     Madness sang;

This isn’t right!

To be grounded into this life

To know this endless battle

Understand bodily strife

The world was silent and still

Madness reigned and ruled

Pain echoed through my soul

Madness sang;

Don’t play this game.

I screamed to the night,

It isn’t right!

Silence reigned

The world was silent and still

Madness reigned and ruled

Pain echoed through my soul

I wished to slip away

Silence the pain that way

sought the end denied me

yet stayed.

Never free.

The world spun away

my screams echoed

madness reigned

Poem for pain awareness month

the world is your oyster (1)

This poem is something I wrote a few years ago for a migraine poetry contest. I have posted it again because the poem is about chronic migraines. I don’t really need to explain it it rather explains itself. The poem itself about the migraine life. The first stanza: the migraine. Second stanza: The battle, with no victory. We struggle to survive and there is no mercy. Third Stanza: The suffering. It basically depicts what I feel about the chronic migraine experience.

Now the phrase ‘Dancing on the dagger’s edge’ came from a book I wrote which I won’t get into, but I began to use it for my own experience after that. Dancing on the dagger’s edge is when we don’t have a migraine… yet, but with chronic migraines we are a slip away from being cut by it. In our lives we are always in a dance with that pain. Then we get stabbed when it actually strikes us. Soon as I feel something coming on in the prodrome or an aura I will say I am dancing on the dagger’s edge, because I am referring to the migraine pain aspect; the dagger cut me already but I have yet to be stabbed.

There is a lot of references to ‘Pain with no bloodshed’, ‘I am slain but not bled’ and ‘cut but not slain’… because chronic pain is invisible. There is no injury. There is no blood. There is no end of life. There is just the migraine, and pain if you get it.

I reference the battle and a war with no victory, because I wanted to emphasis that point about chronic pain… we have no victory. We have a fight on our hands. A battle, and those battle lines fluctuate forwards and backwards but we never get the victory.

At the time I wrote the poem I was really struggling in survival mode with no effective treatment and that is where the lines “struggle to survive with no mercy” and “I am slain but not bled’ came from. It is very much a struggle to survive when you are in survival mode. When you live an existence and not a life. When your pain is not in the least bit managed. I am slain but not bled, simply means this pain knocks you down for the count but also it can destroy you in some ways.

Poem: Going Status

The poem is about going into a status migraine. Which is an acute migraine that last longer than three days… can last weeks. Pain level is very intense. I wrote it because I am in it.

Status migrainelocked me in paincrowded me out of my brain

Going Status

Status migraine
locked me in pain,
crowded me out of my brain,
frantically trying to stay sane.

Yet, yet it remains,
Impossible to sustain,
I must take the pain and constrain,
This, status migraine, my relentless bane


Poem Mercy: Mercy #Blogboost

Mercy, mercy meI want to be set free.I’m begging for releaseIt all has to cease.Mercy, mercy meHear my pleaThere must be an endI need to transcend.

My new poem is called Mercy

Mercy, mercy me

I want to be set free.

I’m begging for release.

It all has to cease.


Mercy, mercy me.

Hear my please.

There must be an end.

I need to transcend.


The poem is about being locked into a very high intensity migraine. Around the 9 to 9.5 range or even a 10. The idea of it is that it can be taken either way. It can be taken as someone begging for the pain to end, get relief and transcend the pain. And it can be taken for someone who is in so much pain they are suicidal and they want to end the pain, be free of it ‘there must be an end’ and transcend beyond this world. I wanted it to be ambiguous because frankly I have been in both. Frantic for the pain to end. And so frantic I will end it. Both show the desperate edge of pain. The pain has us begging for mercy.


Poem: I dreamed


I dreamed of escape

I have not written a poem in quite some time. I blame it on the depression to be honest. High pain and depression sort of sap my creative energy. I think I am finally getting out of that slump. 

I dreamed:

I dreamed of escape,
From a life of pain.
The limitations and the shape
Of a life I couldn’t sustain

From a life of pain,
How far could I flee from me?
The limitations and the shape,
Of my soul taunting all I foresee.

How far could I flee from me?
The limitations and the shape
Of my soul taunting all I foresee.
I dreamed of escape.


Here is an older one in my more typical style.


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A Whisper Away


Just a whisper away

Pain’s hidden tears

Smiles with edges that fray

Silence weighs the fears


Pain’s hidden tears

rules all the sorrows

Smiles with edges that fray

stealing all tomorrows


Rules all the sorrows

Smiles with edges that fray

Stealing all tomorrows

Just a whisper away