Celebrating, best done carefully.


Celebrating, best done carefully.

It was my birthday on April 28th and I went out to celebrate on the weekend.

The bottom picture is my slightly inebriated selfie to show my age of 39. I was going to tag it ‘no-make-up’ but then again everyone knows I never wear make-up so there would be no point in that. I had very sensitive skin when I was younger and by the time they came out with products I could use, I was pretty useless at that whole business not to mention not liking it on my face. So I don’t really participate in that whole thing. It is not that I feel like I am old… it is more like celebrating I made it to 39 at all. Having had suicide attempts under my belt. Sort of Yay survival. And I also thought why not take a picture of No-Sunglasses. There is a rare one. Every migraineur knows pretty much every picture is a Sunglasses on picture or tinted specs picture. Anyway, that would be me. In the top left is my common-law spouse being a goof… so I took a picture of him. And now posting it so others can see that he is a goof. 🙂

Celebrating with migraines generally for me is a mellow thing. We tend to play cards with the two friends depicted in these pictures. A game called sticks or Cards Against Humanity. It is indoors, quiet and a mellow adventure. They can drink but I certainly don’t have to indulge. And it is the sort of socializing that my brain can totally get behind. I always go prepared. Sometimes I have to leave early but not always.

Sometimes though we go out to the bar because our friends love the karaoke. As an introvert you wouldn’t catch me singing in front of people. Sounds horrific. Like some sort of torture. By they enjoy it and we are there for moral support. This can be a bit harder for me. I have to go on a good day. I have to be prepared. And if I drink I have to alternate beer with water to stay hydrated. As far as I can tell I can’t handle any other sort of alcohol, just very light beer. I have a limit though. A few beers is fine. Moderation and all. More than a few and a migraine of immense intensity will be the result. But I am fine with moderation. And this is what we did for my birthday. It was a fine night of chatting and socialization. Laughter and singing. As usual a few drinks has the added perk of really helping me sleep so I tend to wake up migraine free, which is always nice. I know they say alcohol makes for poor sleep but they must not mean for people with immensely poor sleep to begin with because I sleep like the dead.

And I’ll tell you a secret I rather like about being 39 opposed to being, say, 24… people let me moderate and I don’t feel guilty about it. When I was in my twenties everyone was partying hard and I was left behind and left out. It was depressing. When I tried to keep up, well, I suffered immensely for it and learned every single time what a horrific mistake it was to do that. I began to become more of a hermit because I just felt like I couldn’t keep up with anyone. The pain wouldn’t allow it. And no one would change their activities to suit my pain. Not saying my 20’s wasn’t a blast though, because the migraines were not as frequent. And I did have a lot of great friends and great times. Just couldn’t keep up with them. And I was very aware of this fact. Now, well, I have my pain but people are all grown up and have obligations, responsibilities and bedtimes. My moderation and pacing fits in with a parent having to wake up at 6am to drive a child somewhere… and it works.

And then there will be the big 40 next year… I hear the 30’s are horrific for migraines and certainly that has been the case for me. One never knows what the future will bring.