Migraineur Monday Musings: Just a headache

when you call migraine disease 'just a headache' you_

It is just a headache. It is a headache if you get the headache portion of a migraine attack. It is also a disease. That doesn’t necessarily come with a headache. But it is a profoundly disruptive, complicated, complex, painful, life altering headache disease.

So it really does minimize my struggle with it for the last couple of decades to say I just have a headache. If it was just a simple headache you’d think by now someone would have figured out how to stop them from being so frequent.

It minimizes the complexity of the disease itself. Doesn’t mention it is a disease and that we have attacks with 4 stages, of which only one is the Headache stage. Again not necessary to the attack itself if one gets silent migraines. It is a complex disease.

You make it sound like a couple of Tylenol or Advil and I Ought to be good to go. But that isn’t the case because treatment is also very complex. And too much of a good thing can cause rebound headaches, so I cannot even treat every migraine I have.

You seem to imply that I should be able to power through it if it is ‘just a headache’ because you cannot comprehend the pain or what powering through it does to a person over time over and over again.